The value of your vote

Democracy is two wolves and a lamb voting on what to have for dinner.
-- Quote often misattributed to Benjamin Franklin
Voting is pointless.
"I find your lack of cookies disturbing"
Today America's voters went to the polls in one of the country's innumerable elections to decide who will retain legislative control over the Senate and the House of Representatives. The rest of the world eagerly awaits the announcement of the results, seeking to hear with bated breath whether the Republicrats or the Demoblicans won their respective races. Will the Evil Party be given a mandate to obstruct and defenestrate the Obarmy agenda? Or will the Stupid Party hang on to power by a thread, keeping the last vestiges of hope and ch-

Er, wait a moment... Did I get mixed up between who is Evil and who is Stupid? My apologies, I can be so ditzy about these things sometimes...

All right, enough levity, time to get serious- for this is a serious subject. (Except for the fact that politicians these days are all basically interchangeable clowns.)

It is true that America exercises democracy in a unique fashion. It has often been said by bewildered outside observers that America, unusually among all other nations, appears to be in a constant election cycle- and that is true. It doesn't matter what year it is, somewhere in the country there is always an election going on. And as is usual with American electoral politics, every such election turns into TEH MOST IMPORTANTEST ELECTION EVAR!!!!!

(I know, I'm doing the full-retard thing again, pretending to be my sister's age. I apologise.)

And every year since 1992, each such election has shown only that the people elected become smaller in stature and wisdom and decency with the passage of time.

Let's be honest here- the last truly historic election was Reagan's return to power with the biggest landslide in American electoral history in 1984. Since then, it just hasn't mattered. He was the last truly great American President- the last of the Romans, the greying guardian of a bygone age of American greatness. He held the line; he rebuilt America; he made us all believe in the dream of a great and proud nation once again.

What a difference 30 years makes. Today Americans have to deal with a narcissistic, whiny, incompetent, oafish, tongue-tied, hectoring moron of a President who looks so puny when standing next to Ronald Reagan that he might as well be measured under a microscope.

Given the dire straits America finds itself in, one might be sorely tempted to go out there and vote.

And indeed, one of the most eloquent and gifted writers of this, or any, age, has given us a very long list of compelling reasons to do precisely that.

John C. Wright- a philosopher, author, and genius for whom I have immense respect- is quite correct to list Obarmy's many, many, many failures as President and as a human being.

He is also completely wrong to argue that voting will make the slightest bit of difference to the outcome of America's decline into savagery and internecine warfare.

As another philosopher, author, and genius for whom I have immense respect also pointed out, voting today changes nothing.

Both the Stupid and Evil parties will continue to spend your money, and your children's money, and their children's money, and their children's money, and the money of the next 50 generations, with willful abandon. Your vote will not check their greed and their avarice.

Both wings of the One Party of Big Government will continue to push for wars in foreign lands, and will send your sons and daughters to die in bloody quagmires in far-distant jungles and deserts to bring the supposed "gifts" of democracy to howling savages that neither want nor need it. Your vote will not change their stupidity, or the bloodlust of those savages that will kill your loved ones.

Both the Demoblicans and the Republicrats will continue to push for open borders, allowing semi-civilised invaders and ingrates from beyond your southern borders into your country, bringing with them crime and degeneration and disease and filth in their quest for a better life. Your vote will not change the appetites of your politicians for the easy votes of the ever-growing Hispanic minority.

Both parties will continue to sponsor corporatism, allowing banks that are now literally Too Big To Fail, according to the literal letter of the law, to dictate fiscal and monetary policies that steal from you and your descendants through rampant inflation and outrageous taxation. Your vote will not change their shortsightedness or their economic illiteracy.

Simply put, your vote changes nothing. It simply gives you the illusion of power.

The only power that you have is to turn away from these fools. Go Galt. Live life on your own terms. Be master of your own destiny. Remove yourself from their power.

Make no mistake- they have only one weapon against you. It's a terrible weapon, and they will use it, come what may- but in the end, there are certain things that they cannot take from you, no matter how hard they try, unless you let them.

They cannot take away your faith.

They cannot take away your humanity.

And they can never take away your ability to abandon them to their madness, and leave the ruin that is the current reality of the once-great dream of the American Republic behind, in search of a better tomorrow.


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