Amusing Thanksgiving - U Can Haz ToFurkey
Head on the chopping block, NOW
Didact to turkey: F*** you, you're toast. (Well, rather, you're Thanksgiving roast, but, y'know, same difference.)

To everyone else, though- I wish you a very happy Thanksgiving with your loved ones. I wish you good health and good fortune, and I hope that you are fortunate enough to be spending this very special day with the people who matter the most.

Like most Americans, I regard Thanksgiving and Christmas as the best holidays of the year. It's not because we get a day off work- I don't, given that I'm working in a country that doesn't set aside one day a year to recognise the bountiful blessings of the good Lord. But there is a special magic to Thanksgiving even so- because more than any other day, this is the day we remember and give thanks for all that we are blessed with, even if we don't have very much.

I am not a wealthy man. I live comfortably, but within my means. I have no particularly great influence, I don't pretend to be powerful, and I have no desire to be very important. Instead, I give thanks for the fact that I have the things that truly matter.

I have my beloved parents and my little sister- who may be a giant pain sometimes, but is still my best friend, my closest confidante, and my most important source of strength in times of adversity.

I have my friends, few though they are and scattered though they may be.

I have my health, my mind, and the fruits of my hard labour.

I have this blog, which has enriched and broadened my life in ways that I didn't even think possible when I started it back at the beginning of last year. I have met and interacted with several Manosphere bloggers for whom I have developed great respect, and whose work I continue to follow and learn from to this day.

(While we're on the subject- special mentions go to Halfbreed, who very kindly took a moment to write with some very welcome Thanksgiving cheer; and to Carey, whose thoughtful commentary and feedback help keep me honest. Check out their writing and learn from their wisdom, as I have- you'll be all the richer for it.)

And I am, and will always be, grateful for being given the opportunity to live in and learn from the richness, the wonder, and the beauty of America. I love the country. Leaving it was very difficult; it was made bearable only by the knowledge that I would almost surely return after a long absence. My life was forever changed when I got off that plane eight years ago. I have visited and lived in many lands, seen many wonders, experienced something of the richness and diversity of this world- and yet the land that agrees the most with me is still America.

I know it's kind of cheesy to read accounts by immigrants who come to America and proclaim it to be the promised land, or a country unlike any other. But sometimes it takes a foreigner's perspective to understand just how remarkable America is. And I'm not American, by any stretch of the imagination- I may never be, despite the fact that I agree with the country's formative, fundamental values down to the letter. And I'm sure it sounds silly to read yet another story about how the Pilgrims gave thanks on that one special day- there has been plenty of myth-making and exaggeration down the centuries since that time, to be sure.

Yet those myths have a kernel of truth to them. Those pilgrims might have been misguided in their faith, as Puritans who embraced a truly radical view of God's Will- hell, they were practically communists, until a lot of the stupid got beaten out of them by reality. That does not change the fact that they came to a God-blessed land that, in hindsight, seems to have been specially chosen to be the cradle of Judeo-Christian civilisation and all of the blessings that this brings.

I know that many of those who read this blog, and others like it, are ashamed of what that civilisation has become- lurid, narcissistic, shallow, slack-witted, deeply corrupt, and utterly unworthy of its past. It hurts to see that which we love being reduced to such trash before our very eyes. And I am sure that those who see America turning into a wasteland of cultural Marxism, political correctness, and whorish prurience despair at times of ever seeing that which we love being restored to its former glory.

Yet even in these dark times, there is reason for hope.

America in its current state may well be beyond saving as a whole. There is no point in trying to save it as it is now- there is no going back as things stand. But be hopeful for what will follow- and remember that it is we who, when the shambling, twitching corpse of a once-mighty and righteous civilisation finally collapses and dies for good, will be given the chance to rebuild.

Be hopeful for that day. And be thankful- to yourselves, to each other, and to the Almighty, that He has given us this chance to do His Will.

For can there really be any greater joy to be found, than to build a better world for our children, than the one which we were bequeathed, that we may do His work?

So do not be sad on this day- instead, be joyful, be merry, be far too indulgent of good food and good drink in the company of good friends and loved ones. And may the good Lord bless you and yours, now and always.

Oh, and one last thing- DIBS ON THE DARK MEAT!!!


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