Take your "law" and shove it

That's the only appropriate response to the latest bit of nanny-state stupidity that has been proposed on this side of the Pond:
Labour wants to stop drinkers having more than a pint of beer a day sparking fresh accusations that it is out of touch with ordinary Britons.
Shadow public health minister Luciana Berger said she wanted to slash the numbers of people who drink more than doctors recommend. 
For men that is just three to four units a day – equivalent to a pint of continental lager. Women are supposed to drink no more than a glass of wine. 
Ms Berger revealed Labour’s new goal at the charity Alcohol Concern’s annual conference, the Sun newspaper revealed today. 
She told the audience that she wanted ‘to reduce the proportion of the population who consume above the recommended level’. 
The proposal was criticised by beer-drinking Ukip leader Nigel Farage. He said: ‘People work hard and enjoy a sherbet in the pub.’ 
But Ms Berger’s proposals to cut Britain’s drinking habit comes amid moved from the Government to reduce alcohol consumption. 
The Government has introduced a ban on the sale of cut-price alcohol sold below the cost price. 
The ban on below cost selling came into force in May and is now one of the strict conditions which licensed premises like pubs and supermarkets have to abide by. 
The ban means that a can of average strength lager cannot be sold for less than 40p, while a standard bottle of vodka cannot be sold for less than £8.89. 
Selling booze for any less can result in up to six months’ imprisonment and/or a £20,000 fine. 
Scottish politicians have gone further – introducing a 50p minimum unit price for alcohol. 
Norman Baker, the Liberal Democrat Home Office Minister, has insisted the Government is still considering copying the minimum price rules in Scotland. 
He said: “Minimum unit alcohol pricing remains on the table. We can't sensibly take it forward until the outcome of the Scottish court case. But I'm personally sympathetic to the idea.” 
Despite the crackdown MPs themselves voted to freeze booze prices in Parliament's bars until next May. 
That means MPs and their guests can continue to enjoy pints of beer for as little as £2.90, with taxpayer's subsidy contributing £7million a year to the bill. 
The freeze actually works out to a cut once inflation has been taken into account, means prices have only gone up once in the past five years.
This should tell you everything you need to know about British politicians, from all of the major parties.

Labour- the Democrats- pretend to be on the side of the average Joe Schmoe working-class public, yet propose policies that hurt the very people they are supposed to care about.

Tories- the Republicans- pretend to stand for traditional English values and simple, old-school ideas, but in reality will sell the God-given sovereignty of the English nation down the river to the EU in Brussels at the earliest possible opportunity.

And the Liberal Democrats? Well, they're a lot like Ralph Nader's Green Party- the poison of choice for the loonies among us.

(The actual British Green Party is more like the American Socialist Workers' Party. That's how ocialist Britain is. Their Green Party makes America's Green Party look like a bunch of right-wing nut-jobs by comparison.)

It should also tell you something about the historical ignorance and economic illiteracy of the average British politician.

In the first place, American progressives at the beginning of the 20th Century tried ever so hard to bring down alcohol consumption among the American people, for years, with very limited success. It turns out that most people do, in fact, enjoy alcohol and don't enjoy being told what and how to drink.

They even tried to turn that busybody tendency into a Constitutional amendment- the very first time in the entire history of the nation that the Constitution was used to remove a right from the sovereign people, rather than giving them protections for the rights that they already had. The Eighteenth Amendment has since gone down as one of the most idiotic things ever done by any nation to itself. It spawned thirteen years of racketeering, drug-running, "illegal" moonshine, tax evasion, and gang warfare. The Prohibition Era was absolutely brilliant for criminals and bootleggers, and absolutely terrible for anyone who wanted to exercise his God-given right to a cold beer at the end of a hard day's work.

(The Brits, by the way, don't understand the concept of cold beer. Their idea of "beer" involves warm, flat beverages with bits of soil floating on top. Personally, having endured far too much of that frozen horse piss that you Americans refer to as "lager", I tend to side with the Limeys on this one.)

Furthermore, this nonsense of price "floors" is exactly that. When you put a price floor on something- an artificial support, basically- then as long as people's demand for a given product intersect the supply for that product above the floor level, everyone is happy. But the moment that the arbitrary price floor sits above the "market price" of any product, you immediately get oversupply.

At present, the price floor is place at 50p per pint, because this is supposedly the cost of production of a pint of beer. All well and good; I've yet to come across a single pub anywhere in the country where you can buy a pint for 50 pence.

But if these Parliament nitwits ever wanted to stop Britons from drinking, then there is very little stopping them from setting the price floor ten times higher.

And trust me, when a pint of proper ale costs the equivalent of $8 at your average neighbourhood pub, you will see people rapidly scaling back their drinking- at the same time as beer producers rapidly scale up their manufacturing. Where do you imagine the surplus beer will go? To the French?

And as you can see, British politicians are just like all other politicians when it comes to setting one standard for everyone else to follow, and a completely different standard for themselves. They get to consume alcohol at a totally different price than the one that they insist on setting for the average British pub-goer.

There is only one appropriate response to these idiots and petty tyrants. I'll go get the feathers, you go find some tar...


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