Street harrassment has never been so funny

Remember that whole eruption of sturm und drang over the catcalls that a young woman received when walking around a vibrant and diverse neighbourhood in New York?


Me neither, to be honest- even though I actually wrote about it at the time. Turns out it really wasn't a big deal, since the female in question- a rather busty young Jewish woman with more front than sense- basically did what sensible mothers keep telling sensible daughters not to do, and then acted all surprised when she was on the receiving end of a lot of catcalls.

Fortunately, however, some wags decided that the video of her ordeal was lacking in something very important- namely, epic STAR WARS references.

So they went about fixing that deficiency. And my word, did they ever do a good job:

(Courtesy of the esteemed Mr. John C. Wright- logo designer for the Evil League of Evil.)

I'd warn you not to watch that video while drinking a hot beverage, but it's rather too late by now, I guess. Oh well. My apologies in hindsight for your ruined monitor. And your ruptured lung, which you no doubt displaced after laughing so hard.


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