He really ISN'T human

Andreas Kisser, the guitarist for the once-legendary Brazilian thrashers SEPULTURA- yeah, that band- had some rather amusing things to say about their new drummer, Eloy Casagrande:
"The SEPULTURA music, it's very demanding drum-wise," Andreas said. "
[SEPULTURA's original drummer] Igor [Cavalera] was, like, the first 'monster.' He set up some standards, and, of course, Jean [Dolabella, Igor's replacement] and Eloy are big fans of what Igor did, and they respect him so much, and Eloy respects Jean so much. But I think Eloy is the next level, man. It's something else. Maybe he's not human, I think. [laughs] It's just, like, insane. Every drummer, it doesn't matter how experienced or how big the drummer is, when they see him playing, they say, 'I have to go back to school.'"
There is some footage of said drummer laying down a drum track to a song from their latest album, and... well, see for yourself:

Blow your mind: King of Bridges

Dude wasn't kidding. That was BAD. ASS.

More generally- what is it about Brazilians??? Seems like some of the greatest drummers on Earth all come from there. Think about it: Igor Cavalera, Jean Dolabella, Eloy Casagrande, and of course Aquiles Priester:

They also produce something like half of the world's best MMA fighters- Anderson Silva (i.e. the greatest MMA fighter, ever), the entire Gracie family, Lyoto Machida, and God knows how many others.

And they produce some of the craziest, most passionate rock and metal fans in the world:

Yet they got their asses kicked 7-1 by the Germans in the last World Cup. (Which was hysterically funny to watch, by the way.) And they can't ever seem to move out of Third World status. And they're a bunch of socialists.

Must be something weird they put in their caipirinhas...


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