Hail the Reaxxion

GamerGate Discussion is Being Censored via Mass Spam Reporting
What, just thumbsticks with no D-Pad?
Roosh just started up a new gaming website called Reaxxion, which already has some interesting and worthy content available for you to read through.

If you're a gamer, of any stripe, and you're fed up of being told what is and is not a good game based on ridiculous "social justice" criteria that have nothing to do with gameplay, plot, character, graphics, or the overall experience of gaming, and everything to do with the politically correct agenda of a bunch of whiny narcissistic twits who hate us and what we are, then this is the site for you.

Especially if you love HALO.

Take a look, read through their content, comment on their articles, and above all, never forget- we, as gamers, are ultimately in control. Games rise and fall based on what we think of them, and we will not be dictated to, bullied, cowed, or told what to think and what to like by people in the gaming so-called "media".

We will make up our own minds, we will play as we please, and we will never retreat in the face of the war that they brought against us.


  1. Thank you for the shout out. I'm glad you liked my article on Halo 2.


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