A much-needed shot of vodka

Personally, I have no use for vodka. I just don't see the point of using potatoes, for anything other than making delicious golden chips deep-fried in coconut oil...

(Pardon me a moment while I wipe off my keyboard after slobbering all over it.)

That being said, it's worth asking why the Russians keep making, essentially, no damn sense whatsoever to Western minds.

Which is why we have Bill Whittle around to do exactly that for us:

Russia is, basically, in terminal decline. Its population will drop by half in the next 40 years. Its leadership is paranoid to the point of outright bat-s**t lunacy. Its economy is hugely dependent on natural gas and oil prices being high and stable- not moderate and chaotic, as they've been for the past few years.

And now, perhaps, you'll understand just why it is that the Russians keep picking murderous psychopaths to lead them.


  1. As much as like Bill Whitle, like far too many Conservatives he's stuck in the cold war. That war if over, it was a push.

    Putin is no Stalin anyway.

    All in all the Russians aren't a threat to anyone outside of a narrow swath of Eastern Europe. They don't have the manpower to take over anything or the interest outside of a few areas with a heavy ethnic Russian population.and won't for some time. Ask me again in 20 years. The population will decline but if the TFR goes up, they'll actually get younger on average than Europe

    Demography wise Russia isn't any worse off than most of Europe. Its death rate is going down and its TFR while below replacement is the highest in Eastern, Central or Southern Europe as of last year and may well be rising.

    And yes Russians die younger than say Germans , it doesn't matter really, pensioners an a population with an an average age of 40+ aren't going to create a glorious German or EU future.

    Besides much of Europe is infested with low IQ hostile foreigners is less well of than a nation like Russia in many ways. If the Russians need to do something about that same lack of altruism will let them do what it takes which is more than say Sweden could manage

    The US is no better off either. Forbes notes here that Russia's Total Fertility Rate Is Rapidly Converging With America's


    Worse our highest TFR is in low IQ Immigrants with low educational participation, low incomes and limited loyalty to the US. We are deteriorating and while Russia is too, we'll be at parity soon enough.

    And sure I concede Russia will be a thorn in our side and will be as it always has been, a society with limited altruism, the methods they use seems to work for them and odds are they may well be growing soon enough, stronger than Europe and may outlast us.

    1. True, certain old-school conservatives do appear to be stuck in the Cold War. Russia under Putin is a very far cry from the totalitarian hellhole that it was under Stalin. Bill's point, though, was really about how to stand up to Putin- and that's where Obarmy and his coterie of useless idiots falls down, badly. None of them know how to stand up to a genuinely powerful Alpha male like Putin, because they're so used to dealing with a Delta like Obarmy.

      I also agree that the Russians aren't the worst off in all of Eastern Europe in terms of demographics. Several of the former Soviet satellites will literally disappear from the face of the Earth in the next 50 years as their populations shrink to nothing.

      On a related note, I was most amused by this article that I came across (thanks, Captain) in which Russian women- who are unquestionably some of the world's most attractive female specimens- are having trouble finding and keeping decent men. You'd think it's a no-brainer, but apparently Russian blokes don't like boning hot Eastern European women...


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