The Second Amendment, in simple English

Trust good old Bill Whittle to put the 2nd Amendment in terms that even the average brain-dead liberal should be able to understand:

I especially like what he did when he rephrased the 2nd Amendment in terms of an inalienable right to read books.

Try this on the next idiot liberal who decides to argue that the Founders never intended for the free people of this country to defend themselves using firearms. And then sit back and enjoy watching their heads explode as they go straight into ATTACK!!! mode.

This, by the way, is one thing that Europeans simply cannot understand about Americans. They cannot comprehend why you guys love your guns so much.

All I can say is, I've lived in Europe, and I've lived in New York (which is a lot like living in Europe), and I've visited Texas (i.e. the real world). Out of the three, guess who had the most sensible ideas about how to protect one's home and property?

Yeah. God bless Texas.
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