Bill Whittle takes on a liberal meme. I'll just shut up now and let you watch:

Watching this, I am strongly reminded of a great quote from one Mike Baxter of perhaps the only pro-conservative TV show that one can watch these days- "Last Man Standing".

There is an absolutely brilliant scene in the episode, "Animal Wrongs", in which Tim Allen's character, Mike Baxter, confronts his second daughter's boyfriend, a hippy Vegan animal rights activist named Terrence who starts off obnoxious and simply gets worse from there.

While defending hunting and hunters, Mike Baxter points out an absolute truth:
Listen, Terrence- no one loves animals more than hunters. We like to manage a good animal population so that, for future generations... there's stuff to kill.
That is the real difference between progressives and conservatives. We have absolutely no problem with hunting and guns. We like shooting stuff in the face- but we also recognise that we have an obligation to Nature to preserve and protect that which we hunt. This is why, under private property rights and private animal and woodland conservation, America's private forests and private hunting grounds are doing far better than any of America's national parks.

Why is this? Simple: because private hunters and private rangers have strong incentives- namely, the profit motive- to maintain their wildlife and nature reserves as well as they possibly can. And that's why America's deer and buffalo populations are doing just fine; why bald eagles are no longer endangered; and why forest fires in private parks are so much more rare than they are in public ones.

Ultimately, the profit motive of private enterprise is the simplest and most economical way to reduce pollution and increase the standard of living for all men. This is something that statists refuse to confront- they refuse to acknowledge the fact that the world's most interventionist, statist economies are polluted, choked, disgusting nightmares, while the supposed evils of capitalism and free enterprise have turned the once-dirty and grungy industrialised western nations into clean and prosperous nations where the air is breathable and the water is drinkable.

Let me put it this way: I visited China almost exactly 13 years ago today. I fell sick while I was in Beijing with a nasty sore throat and cold within about two days- thanks to the city's horribly smoggy, congested, nasty air. The moment I was back in Singapore, I was fine. And this exact same pattern repeats itself every time I go from New York or London to Calcutta or New Delhi.

Capitalism works to increase not only living standards but quality of life. Nations and economies that seek to block the blessings of capitalism through command-and-control economics will inevitably find that they end up with the worst of all worlds- an economy that doesn't work, inferior products produced by demotivated people, and horrible living conditions brought about by using lowest-common-denominator production processes and extreme cost-cutting in the name of meeting production quotas.

Yet, when given a choice between an economic system that produces positive outcomes and real prosperity, and one that produces endless human and natural misery, guess which one most progressives want?


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