How not to get your ass shot off

Listen to Popp, you'll live longer and it's good for your mental health:

Also, can I just say- "Hot Fuzz" is quite possibly THE FUNNIEST MOVIE OF ALL TIME (that isn't called "Spinal Tap", anyway).


  1. Perhaps this is a bit off-topic but it's in the same vein of Man Shit & Buddy Cop movies.

    Have you seen Bullet to the Head with Stallone? I recommend it, given your movie tastes. At his age, Stallone is still a solid wall of granite. Human growth hormones and all that aside, I'm amazed.

    Walter Hill directed it, and that's a plus. He took the 'buddy' cop notion and turned it on its ear in Bullet.

    1. Yeah I'm actually a big fan of most Stallone movies. Even really stupid ones like "Cobra". (Hey, I said my taste in movies was terrible...)

      He's a great action actor, and perhaps surprisingly he's also a great director; "Rambo" and all of the Expendables films were both very well filmed and very compelling to watch.

      And there's no question that even at his age, he's still a beast.

    2. "You got an attitude problem, you know that, Cobretti?"

      "Yeah. But it's just a little one."

      The only thing I didn't like about the American Cheese that is Cobra was seeing that '50 Mercury totaled.


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