Fat Head Kids

Tom Naughton- the guy who made a great documentary called "Fat Head", which among other things deals with the science behind weight gain and obesity- happens to have two daughters who seem to take after their father rather well.

So much so, in fact, that they have their own videos about growing up eating Paleo:

There is almost enough adorkability there to satisfy your daily nutritional needs even without resorting to a Zooey Deschanel music video.

(I'm one of those guys who really doesn't understand the point of Ms. Deschanel... but am very glad that she's around even so. For some reason.)

There also happens to be a serious message involved.

If you're a parent, and you're feeding your kids sugary cereal with low-fat milk for breakfast... stop it. Really. Just stop.

Feed them real food- eggs, bacon, and high-fat milk (or better yet, full cream). Turns out, the stuff that you were told is bad for you all your life, is in fact exactly what your body needs. Your children NEED fat and protein to grow up strong, healthy, and happy. They'll have more energy, they'll concentrate better, they'll feel happier.

I grew up eating sugary cereal and oatmeal. By 11am, I was always hungry and tired. Lunch usually involved some kind of sandwich and some fruit- and by 4pm I was usually very hungry again. Dinner had to be at 8pm on the dot or else we'd all go bananas wondering where the food was. It was a very regimented life in a lot of ways, and when you combine a diet like that with a sedentary lifestyle, well, it's not the least bit surprising that I was always quite fat and pudgy as a kid. I struggled to lose that weight until I went to college, then dropped a hell of a lot of weight thanks to a regimen of hard exercise.

I put most of it back on when I started working, because I was still eating the wrong foods and sitting around all day. I was still exercising- but I wasn't making any real gains of any kind. In most respects, I went a long way backwards, and I would not have had to do so if I had just made a few simple but effective changes to my eating habits and lifestyle.

These days, my idea of breakfast- if I eat it at all- is bacon and eggs cooked in butter or lard, with coffee, full-fat dairy, and a helping of fruit. Unsurprisingly, I feel great all day long when I eat like that. And I don't have to eat every 4 hours to maintain my blood sugar. It's normal for me to skip meals and not worry about it; it's also normal for me to go an entire day without food. These things are no longer hardships- they're normal.

That's what eating right does for you. That's how big a difference it makes. And the earlier you start, the better off you'll be later in life.


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