Because they're fat, dammit

(Credit goes to El Capitan for finding this little gem.)

Apparently our intrepid Benevolent Government Overlords are now spending damn-near half a million dollars to figure out why fat girls can't get dates:
The federal government is spending nearly a half a million dollars to find out why obese teenage girls have a hard time getting dates. 
The National Institutes of Health (NIH) awarded a $466,642 grant last week for the study, which will examine whether social skills have an impact on why obese girls have fewer dating experiences than their less obese counterparts
“Mounting evidence demonstrates that weight influences intimate (i.e., dating and sexual) relationship formation and sexual negotiations among adolescent girls,” the grant’s abstract states. “Obese girls consistently report having fewer dating and sexual experiences, but more sexual risk behaviors (i.e., condom nonuse) once they are sexually active.” 
The conceptual framework that has guided this research presumes that differences in the social skills for relating to peers and intimate partners along with differences in the relationship experiences of obese and non-obese girls account for these differences,” it said. 
“However, no studies have actually examined whether the interpersonal skills and intimate relationships of obese and non-obese girls differ.” 
Professors at the Magee-Womens Research Institute and Foundation in Pittsburgh will try to answer this question over the next four years. The end date for the project is listed as May 2018. 
The study will specifically look at whether overweight teen girls develop relationship skills later in life, and will compare their “trajectories of romantic and sexual relationship characteristics” with others. The researchers will also contrast “obese and non-obese African American and White adolescent girls.” 

The grant called the project “innovative.”

“Our proposal is innovative as it is the first study to explore relationship context as a mechanism linking obesity to adolescent girls’ sexual risk-taking behaviors,” it said.
So let's get this straight. There is a possible Ebola epidemic currently breaking out within the domestic borders of the United States of America. No serious precautions are being taken to deal with a deadly haemorrhagic virus that, even in modern Western societies with proper quarantine procedures and medical treatments, can kill up 60% of its victims.

And yet the Feds are blowing half a million dollars on figuring out the differences in social skills between fat girls and non-fat girls?

You cannot make this stuff up.

Looking at the actual theoretical basis for the study, one has to ask why the Feds are wasting rather a lot of money on something that seemingly has a very straightforward answer.

The null hypothesis of this study appears to be:
Obese girls do not develop socio-sexual skills any later in life than non-obese girls.
I imagine that this study will empirically confirm what the rest of us have known for quite some time now- namely, that this is all a bunch of utter BS.

I do wonder, though, how the NIH study will control for girls who started skinny, and became obese. Not controlling for this would radically skew the results.

Also, as the article notes, obese girls have fewer sexual experiences than non-obese ones- yet they take bigger sexual risks. The first part is easy enough to figure out. A woman who is obese is unattractive by the general standards of our society. It's that simple. Fat girls- and by "fat" I mean women who are genuinely fat, not merely well-proportioned or plump or "curvy" in the classical sense- lack discipline, self-control, and willpower. Otherwise, of course, they wouldn't be fat.

The second part- the propensity toward greater sexual risk-taking behaviour, such as lower use of prophylactics and contraceptives- is harder to explain. I don't claim to be any sort of expert here. I would venture to guess- and it is only a guess- that the reason they take greater sexual risks is because they can afford to do so.

Think about it. An obese woman is not going to have as many sexual partners as a non-obese one, certain extremely rare exceptions aside. Because of this, her actual risk of contracting a nasty case of crotch-rot is going to be lower than that of her skinnier, more attractive, and more promiscuous counterparts. Obese girls have to face up to the reality that they are easily replaceable the moment their man comes across someone more attractive- which, given that they are obese, will happen pretty much by definition. Therefore, engaging in strategies with a higher risk of conception are more advantageous to them than trying to seek out the "best possible" mate from a wide pool of suitors, the way a highly attractive woman can afford to do.

Of course I could be completely off base and off my rocker. This too is a distinct possibility. However, once you've read Sperm Wars by Robin Baker, and you start thinking about this sort of thing in terms of evolutionary strategies and gene warfare, it's hard to stop.

None of this changes the fact that this study is all a giant waste of money. Fat girls are fat, and because of that, they are less attractive. End of story. There, I just saved Johnny Taxpayer nearly half a million dollars.

Now can we please turn our attention to more important things? Like, say, shutting down all trade and traffic with sub-Saharan Africa until this disease has run its course?


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