A case study in incompetence

As if the flu wasn't bad enough, now we have an actual haemorrhagic fever imported straight from Africa to deal with:
Schoolchildren in Texas may be at risk from Ebola today after five children who attend four different Dallas schools came in close contact with the first patient diagnosed with the deadly virus on U.S. soil. 
Officials said on Wednesday that the students were in school this week after possibly being in contact with the patient over the weekend when he had become contagious with the deadly virus. 
The Ebola patient was named today as Thomas Eric Duncan, a Liberian national in his mid-forties, who had traveled to the U.S. from Liberia on September 20 to visit his family. 
His sister Mai Wureh said her sick brother told officials the first time he went to Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital on September 26 that he was visiting from a West African country in the so-called 'Ebola hot zone' - but was sent home with antibiotics, a critically-missed opportunity to prevent others being exposed to the disease. 
Dallas Independent School District Superintendent Mike Miles said on Wednesday that the children who came in contact with Mr Duncan are showing no symptoms and are now being monitored at home.

As an added precaution, Miles says additional health and custodial staff will be at the high, middle and two elementary schools that the students attend. 
The Star-Telegram reported that children from L.L. Hotchkiss Elementary School were taken out of school by concerned parents.

Mr Duncan's family are among up to 18 people being monitored after exposure to the man along with the ambulance crew who transported him to hospital. 
As health officials scrambled to contain the infection, Texas Governor Rick Perry said at a hospital press conference on Wednesday that he had 'full confidence' in Texas medical teams when it came to the safety and welfare of citizens, adding that only those who came in close contact with the patient when he was contagious were at risk.
Now, before anyone gets unduly panicked about this, let's be very clear about what Ebola is and how it's transmitted.

This is not, for now, going to result in the kind of killer global pandemic that the Spanish Flu was. Ebola is a highly contagious disease- but you have to be in direct contact with bodily fluids from an infected person in order to be at any real risk.

Quite simply, this is not going to turn into a global killer until and unless the people working to contain it are complete morons.

Unfortunately, there is considerable evidence to suggest that in fact, they are.

Does anyone remember a nasty episode from about 11 years back in Asia called SARS? Sudden Acute Respiratory Syndrome infected over 8,200 people and resulted in some 775 deaths. Compared to Ebola, it was far more easy to catch (being an infectious disease rather than a contagious one), but also far less deadly. That being said, it was bad enough that several countries went into almost immediate lockdown in order to stop the spread of the disease.

I was in Singapore when this all took place in 2003. The response of the Singaporean government was swift, comprehensive, and draconian. Anyone who had gone anywhere near the affected regions was quarantined. Heavy screening was put in place for flights to and from mainland China, Vietnam, Hong Kong, and various other SARS "hot spots". Strict border controls were put in place, significant efforts were made to warn the public about what was coming, and the quarantine was upheld until well after it was needed so that people could be absolutely sure that the epidemic had run its course.

Of course, this played all kinds of hell with the economy. That year was probably the worst in economic terms out of all of the years that I've spent in Singapore. The recession was sharp and severe, and you could see the evidence all around you at the time. Singaporeans who had once been accountants and clerks became cab drivers and hawker-centre sellers overnight.

Quite simply, the measures put in place to save people also hurt their economic livelihoods. Horribly. But that was inevitable in an economy as open and as trade-based as Singapore's. The most important concern at the time was how to contain a killer disease.

Net result: Singapore was the second country to be declared officially SARS-free (as far as I can remember anyway). And its economy bounced back very quickly; 2004 was a bumper year, with something like very nearly 7% economic growth after a brutal recession.

In other words, Singapore's handling of SARS was a case study of what the Obama Administration SHOULD have done, but didn't, with Ebola.

Obarmy's idiot regime should have:
  • Refused admission to ALL travellers from the outbreak regions in Africa;
  • Put Liberia and its neighbours on the "do-not-visit" list that is normally kept updated by the State Department (and which usually has countries like Israel on it);
  • Immediately quarantined any incoming passengers who had transited through West Africa in the past 3 weeks, for a further 2 weeks in isolation;
  • Cut off all incoming shipments with West African nations for the duration of the emergency;
  • Done everything it could to stop Americans from travelling to the stricken areas;
  • In the event of an infected person (inevitably) slipping through all of these precautions, instituted immediate quarantine procedures to ring-fence and contain the disease as quickly as possible
Let us not forget, this is a disease with a mortality rate of anywhere between 40% and 90%. Not even the dumbest gambler would want to take on those odds. Yes, it's a disease with relatively limited ability to infect other people- but once you're infected, you're in very, very deep cacky.

And exactly how much of this list was actually even considered by the Obama Administration?

As far as I can tell, not one of these points has actually been implemented.

I can't think of a more convincing case to show that Obama is not only willfully lazy and stupid, he's actually downright incompetent. He's so concerned with his image that he spends all of his time trying to look good, despite the fact that no amount of spin can hide his manifest failures in leadership and his utter uselessness as a chief executive, and yet when he gets an opportunity to unambiguously show the country that he actually has a clue and has this nation's security and safety at heart, he completely blows it.

Some ringer you people elected. TWICE!!!


  1. I also can't think of a better example of a citizenry more fundamentally broken down, worn out and essentially cowardly than this. I know that I cannot claim to rise above that sentence myself, either. Even in the midst of mortality, the West is still coddling this ridiculous notion that all cultures are the same and that all we must do is 'educate' them to bring them up to speed. This has led to millions of people who no longer possess the internal wisdom to know when to stop being nice and start making the tough decisions---such as above, as you mentioned, like forbidding entrance, visitation to infected areas and immediate quarantine.

    We've only managed to 'educate' OUR survival instincts away. And, hey whaddya know, cultures that we've tried to educate so that they'll look like us (the REAL goal of these equality-addicted nutcases) still don't look like us. But we now have begun to look like those we've tried to 'rescue' with our arrogance.


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