Yes, Benghazi matters

Prior to watching the video that I'm embedding below, I basically dismissed the Benghazi scandal as yet another example of Obarmy's utter incompetence, and nothing much more than that.

Rarely have I ever been so utterly wrong.

It turns out that Benghazi is far more than just a display of galactic stupidity by an already stupid administration.

The events of September 11-12, 2012, in Libya were a kick in the teeth to the American political and military establishment. They chose to ignore it. The events of the day prove that this was at best a case of criminal negligence.

At worst, it was a high crime and an impeachable misdemeanour.

Obama may not have lied directly to Congress or the public during and after the events of Benghazi. If he had, then by rights he should have been hauled before Congress immediately to be impeached. (Not that he would have been, of course- not with these idiot children in charge.) He did, however, completely fail to act in his capacity as Commander-in-Chief of American forces, worldwide, charged with protecting American citizens and American territory.

That includes American embassies and consulates, by the way- which are legally considered to be American soil.

As Bill Whittle points out in that short, this "President" does not deserve the title. He is utterly unfit for the office that he holds. He should be thrown out on his ear, preferably with criminal liability hung about his neck like a millstone. His entire administration, from the top down, should be removed and barred from political office for life.

And as for the Lizard Queen, Hillary Clinton... well... if you vote for her, you deserve whatever hell is coming. That woman ignored the blindingly obvious signs in front of her that something was horribly wrong in Libya. People died because she and her boss couldn't stop grandstanding long enough to give some simple orders.

Is that what you want for your next Commander-in-Chief? A possible closet lesbian who thinks nothing of sacrificing lives for a political agenda?


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