Triviliasing rape

I would have gotten to this a bit sooner, but the intrepid gallants at RoK beat me to the punch:
A rape victim [Didact: as the RoK article makes clear, this should really be printed as: "rape" victim] is carrying her dorm-room mattress with her everywhere she goes to protest the inaction by school administrators in bringing her attacker to justice. 
Columbia University senior Emma Sulkhowitz is carrying the mattress as part of her senior thesis art project, and will only stop once when her rapist is no longer enrolled in school
Sulkhowitz points out that the project - which she is calling 'Mattress Performance' or 'Carry That Weight' - could last as little as one day, or continue until she graduates this spring. 
The mattress represents her specific rape, since she was attacked in her dorm room. The weight of carrying it around also visualizes how she continues to be haunted by the experience.

'A mattress is the perfect size for me to just be able to carry it enough that I could continue with my day but also heavy enough that I have to continually struggle with it,' she told the Columbia Daily Spectator.
Sulkhowitz plans to spread information about the project via word of mouth, and says one of the rules is that she can't ask for help with carrying the mattress.

However, anyone can ask to help her and she thinks this will be one way of spreading the project to her college community.
OK, fair enough, a young woman was subjected to the horrors of rape and is carrying on a protest at the fact that her rapist is still attending the same university as she is, without repercussions. Fair enough so far.

Except... her story falls apart the moment one starts looking for complicated little things like, y'know, evidence:
ES: My attacker was one of my closest friends at the time, and we’d had consensual sex twice in the past. [Didact: So she had sex with a guy who was previously in the Friendzone. And then she cries "rape"?] There was a party and we left together. I invited him to my room because we’d had sex before, and we were having consensual vaginal intercourse. Soon though, he hit me across the face and started choking me and pinned my arms behind my head and pushed my legs up against my chest. He began to anally penetrate me. It was really painful and I was saying no, I was telling him to stop but he didn’t. Then finally he did, he got off and laid down next to me for a second. I was just frozen solid. I was petrified. And then he ran out. 
I spent months in denial. I wasn’t really ready to believe that I’d been raped because realizing that you’ve been raped is realizing that people can take control of you and objectify you. In that moment, I wasn’t a human to him. I was just a thing. And that’s pretty fucking scary. Once I finally did admit to myself that it had happened, I was really unhappy. And I think a lot of what I’ve been dealing with since then is trying to find ways to believe that I am human.
Uh... wait a minute. So she was having actual sex with the guy, consensually, and then he started, um, knocking on her back door, and then she claims that she was raped?


Let me state unequivocally here that rape- real rape- is one of the worst things that can happen to anyone. (Note that I am not being gender-specific here- men can be, and are, raped, often by women, no less.)

Rape is an exercise in power and control. A woman who is raped by a man has no power whatsoever over her own body and her own safety- which is why the experience is so terrifying for women who actually go through it. It is a horrific abuse and is rightly condemned by most civilised societies.

(A special exemption needs to be made here for Islamic societies, where a woman who is raped is more likely to end up dead due to honour killing or stoning for adultery than her rapist is to end up punished.)

So it is unfortunate indeed that we see a young woman triviliasing rape like this by launching what is virtually certain to be a false rape accusation.

Roosh put it rather well in his response:


And that is precisely what this young woman has done. She is drumming up all the publicity that she can, but has provided not one shred of evidence in support of her claims.

When a woman claims to be raped, a first sensible step would be to conduct a vaginal examination- or in this case, I guess it would be a rectal examination- for tearing, bruising, and seminal fluids. I see no evidence that this happened.

It should also be normal procedure for the victim to bring in eyewitness testimony to support her claims. Again, this did not happen- and indeed all of the eyewitnesses in the case support her statement that she and her "rapist" left together and had previously had a sexual relationship of some kind.

Women who cry wolf like this, and insist on kicking up a giant public fuss in order to draw attention to themselves, end up making a mockery of the very real and very awful realities of rape. This isn't "making a statement" or "being brave"- this is attention-seeking.

Insofar as anyone can divine the facts, this appears to be nothing more than a young and not particularly clever woman engaging in sexual relations that she subsequently regretted because "it didn't feeeeeeeeeel good", and then playing the "rape card" to hide her own lack of good judgement and common sense.

Until and unless Ms. Sulkowicz presents some actual evidence in support of her contentions, she cannot and must not be taken seriously.


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