Support Team Europe!

With tongue planted quite firmly in cheek, of course:

I think I may have mentioned in the past that I have a rather thorough distaste for golf. I dislike pretty much everything about golf- golfists, golf bats, golf clubs, the lot.

But when it comes to poking fun at Europeans, Americans, and ridiculous trousers all at once, I'm with Nigel Farage on this one.

Though, given that he's thoroughly taking the piss here* and is doing this specifically to advertise for a gambling company, I wouldn't recommend taking him too seriously. Just this once.

Especially with those trousers. Ye cats.

* Note to any Americans reading- this is an English phrase, which comes from a language that the British Empire tried and very sadly failed to introduce to this country. Since by definition you people don't speak a proper language, I shall attempt to translate it as: "making fun of an object of derision". I hope that clears it up. Cheers, The Didact.


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