Blatantly stolen Copied from Vox Day. Who got it from somewhere else anyway.
When the whole GamerGate thing broke open three weeks ago, my first reaction was probably best described as a rude scatological noise, followed by a, "hey, look, DESTINY IS FINALLY OUT!", and rounded out by something along the lines of, "so a game developer slept with a bunch of guys for good press- apparently, it happens in gaming too!".

And I was perfectly content to leave it at that and move on. After all, the stalwarts of the 'Sphere had long since proven just what a nasty piece of work Zoe Quinn really is. Matt Forney wrote up an assiduously researched piece that tore through the woman's largely made-up reputation like a cat sharpening its claws on a toilet roll. Billy Chubbs did his own little number that, among other things, demonstrated just why it is that real gamers no longer pay attention to gaming journalists. And of course there is the inimitable Vox Day, who... well, if you've ever seen him tear apart John Scalzi's pretensions of literary and internet greatness, you're really going to enjoy reading what he had to say about this particular game "developer".

The damage had been done. A social justice warrior in the gaming industry had been exposed as a deceitful fraud and a master manipulator. The fallout meant that the SJW gatekeepers of what is, and is not, fashionable in gaming had been dealt a severe blow to their credibility. Life is good, let's all move on.

Then Ms. Quinn took to Cracked.com to make her case.

If you can stomach it, try reading through what she wrote. She takes exactly the tack that one would expect from a female SJW who has been exposed for what she is- namely, she starts off with the "pity the poor defenceless woman!" line, transitions on to the "what's the big fuss all about in the first place?" defence, and finishes up with the expected, "hey, I'm a Strong Independent Woman, I'll recover from this!". (This is also generally known as the "Beyonce Approach", because it's as annoying and as unrealistic as that song that she did with her old band/group/thing.)

Unfortunately, instead of actually, y'know, doing some freakin' research into what this, er, "lady" did, the editors at Cracked.com prefaced the article by making it sound like this whole kerfuffle was just the result of a bunch of boring lonely blokes with too much time on their hands turning a complete non-issue into TEH MOST IMPORTANTEST THING EVAR!!!!11!!

(Yeah, I know, I sound like a retard. This is what happens when I try to sound like someone my sister's age. It's a generational thing.)

They are not the only ones. My favourite incompetent feminist, old Bonobo-Nose herself, has taken up Ms. Quinn's case in an overly flattering (read: ass-kissing) article that does everything possible to paint Zoe Quinn as the victim and her critics as little better than a bunch of maladjusted, lonely shut-ins with nothing better to do than beat up on a defenceless woman.

Let's take a step back and ask why this whole sordid affair- or, in Zoe Quinn's case, affairs, plural- is such a big deal. As she states in her own defence, prior to this whole s***-storm, she was not exactly big news in the gaming world. (Actually, calling her a "game developer" is a stretch, in the same way that calling turpentine "coffee" is a stretch.) And as she also points out, who she sleeps around with is really her business.

Normally, there would be no argument about this. If a woman wants to sleep around and cheat on her boyfriend, that's between them and the rest of us have no business butting in.

The problem is that in this case, the woman slept around with prominent journalists in the gaming industry. And this may or may not have resulted in favourable press for her, um, "talents" as a game developer. (I'm guessing it did.) And if that is the case, then her behaviour merits every last drop of venom and bile that she has inspired thus far (and then some).

You cannot claim to be "fighting against the oppression of women" and the "stereotyping of women as sex symbols" if you end up sleeping with a bunch of guys in order to get attention. What, exactly, makes you any different from the DD-cup Night Elves and other busty heroines that you SJW types keep getting so hot and bothered about? (And which the rest of us, who actually, y'know, play real video games, could not give half a toss about.)

The fallout of GamerGate is pretty straightforward: no one in the gaming community with half a brain should ever take Zoe Quinn's opinion on gaming seriously, ever again. She has shown herself to be a petty, vindictive, damaged, and deeply immoral individual with no sense of restraint, judgement, or ethics. Those who have come to her defence are no better than she is- in some ways, they are considerably worse, because in this specific case, ignorance of her actions is absolutely no excuse. Those actions have been laid bare for the world to see, and it is impossible to argue that she has every right to a private love and then also argue that there is nothing wrong with sleeping around with a bunch of journalists in order to promote her own views about games and gaming.

Ultimately the SJW types will lose because in their never-ending quests to right imaginary wrongs, they keep forgetting that the rest of us- who, let us not forget, ultimately pay their salaries- simply want to play fun, entertaining video games that we consider worth paying good money for. The moment that they realise that we are bored of their narrative and will no longer entertain their stupidity, they will be forced to confront the sheer emptiness and apathy of their world, and they will realise, far too late, that they have wasted their lives and their energy fighting the most unnecessary battle possible.

Meanwhile, the rest of us will just continue playing games that we love, and ignoring media whores like Zoe Quinn.

Speaking of games that we love- BRING ON THE MASTER CHIEF COLLECTION!


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