iPhone 6 repair kit

Via Didact Sr.:

Sold at a ridiculous markup. Just like the iPhone.
I'm a FanDroid myself, so I simply do not see the point of buying such an absurdly overpriced, walled-off, inflexible gadget.

And it would appear that, now that St. Jobs has passed on, Apple is in fact dropping the ball as far as quality control goes. It's not anything endemic, at least not yet, but if you're going to pay damn near $1,000 for what effectively amounts to a very pretty paperweight, you shouldn't be seeing bad software updates and possible bending of the product within one week of buying it.

Of course, if you had to choose between an iPhone and a Windows OS phone- which is sort of like having to choose between genital herpes and crabs- then, if you really really have no choice, go with Apple. I'm not saying it's a good choice, it's just better than going with Windows.

Ah, yes, the almighty Blue Screen of Death. Now in mobile form.


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