Bring on the sexbots

There's a golden oldie over at Blackdragon's blog about the power reversal that would occur if realistic female sex robots were manufactured in large quantities:
I have said often that over the next 50 to 60 years, society is in for changes so massive, it is nowhere near ready for them. While it will be exciting to see these changes, it will be terrifying to watch an unprepared population deal with them.

One of these changes is sex robots. To bring you up to speed if you were not aware, for almost ten years now, I have made the following predictions:

Prediction One: At some point, technology will be able to make robots that are essentially indistinguishable from real human beings, or at least close to it. [Didact: Arthur C. Clarke once said something similar, along the lines that any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic. They are both correct.]

Prediction Two: The first major, open-market use of these robots will be for men to have sex with them. [Didact: Rule 34 in action.]

Prediction Three: The initial sex robots will be extremely expensive and thus unavailable to most. Regardless, they will sell like hotcakes and fly off the shelves. They won’t be able to manufacture them fast enough. Soon a saturation point at that price level will be reached. This will drive prices down at a rate faster than people expect, as is always true with mass-market technology innovations (excluding those made by Apple, of course). Soon, most men will be able to afford them.

Prediction Four (the most important prediction by far): Once the sex robots’ price gets down to the $500 – $1000 range, placing them in range of just about any guy who is not really poor (and even those guys will be able to rent them for a few hours), you will see the greatest shift in sexual power ever experienced by the human race. It will be equal to or greater than the upheaval during the Sexual Revolution of the 1960’s.

When any man can go home and fuck his Scarlett Johansson robot or Kim Kardashian [Didact: would that particular model come with an automatic hair removal option?] robot (or whichever celebrity will be considered super hot at that time), and he can do so without her demanding dates, free dinners, a sounding board for her drama, marriage, monogamy, picking up his socks, or refraining from burping at the table, and he can fuck Ms. Robot bareback to his heart’s content without ever needing to worry about pregnancy, child support payments, or catching an STD… oh, when that happens… you will see, for the first time in human history, women lose most (if not all) of their power over men.

“Oh c’mon! Not ALL men will go for that! Some men want more than just sex!”

Yes, some men do, but even the men who want more than sex still want sex, and even those guys currently don’t get sex without doing shit they don’t want to do to satisfy certain irrational female desires. But you know what? Let’s leave that argument for another time since it’s totally irrelevant. Know why?

Because even if only 20% of men do this, it will be a game-changer unlike anything anyone in our generation has ever seen. Women will have no power to compete with perfect-looking, totally compliant sex robots who will do whatever men tell them to do without argument.

It will be a massive game-changer in man-woman sexual relations.
Everything that Blackdragon wrote in that article, more than three years ago, is perfectly accurate. The creation of female sex robots will be quite possibly the best thing that could ever happen to male-female power relations in human history.

I say, bring it on.

Think about how dysfunctional, how utterly anti-masculine, and how inimical to freedom the current legal system is toward men when it comes to love and marriage.

In the United States, if you get married these days without a pre-nup in place, you're a fool, and you're literally daring your wife, and her scumbag lawyer, to take you to court and divorce-rape your ass.

We have sexual harassment laws in America's workplaces that not only allow, but encourage, women to destroy the livelihoods and careers of the men that they work with when subjected to the slightest provocation.

We see laws in place that put the burden of proof entirely upon men in case of a rape accusation or domestic violence claim- but do not require the same standards from women.

There is an endless array of examples where society has been turned into a weapon used to destroy the lives of men. And one would be justified in complaining about it.

But here's the thing- NONE of this could have happened without male cooperation.

It's not that hard to figure out. Despite female protests to the contrary, men still control the levers of power to a degree that women do not understand. They acquiesce to female demands because, ever since the passage of universal suffrage laws, women have become powerful voting blocs and appeasing those voters is of paramount importance in a democracy. (This alone is an almost unanswerable argument against both universal suffrage and democracy, but that's for another post.)

So why would sex bots change that power equation all of a sudden?

Simple: it would remove the single most powerful hold that women have over men. Men give up power to women because women give us sex. No one should ever discount or underestimate the power that sex gives women over men. And as long as that power was used for mutual benefit and exchange, there was nothing whatsoever wrong with that.

Not for nothing is it said that women are the gatekeepers of sex, while men are the gatekeepers of commitment. (Bob Wallace once put it slightly better: "any woman can get laid, and any man can get married".) Traditionally, men have exchanged commitment for sex, to the mutual benefit of both parties involved.

But these days, women can get consequence-free sex, more or less on demand, at least for as long as their looks and femininity last, and are awarded cash and prizes for accepting a man's commitment and then taking him to court and divorcing him.

Thing is, though, that in order for women to continue enjoying that consequence-free lifestyle, the old model of commitment-for-sex has to continue. Without it, women are left with virtually no source of support. And the day that men start "going Galt" en masse is the day that this web of evil lies that we have built around ourselves will start to crumble.

It won't just be the Gammas and Omegas and sad lonely shut-ins who will go for these new sex-bots. It will be ordinary men who want sex without having to deal with all of the hassle and nonsense of dating, and all of the drama that comes from dealing with an actual woman. As ordinary Western men flee their harridan wives and girlfriends in exchange for gorgeous, always-on, always-ready, and always-lubricated sex robots, Western women will suddenly find that they have exactly zero power over men.

Now at this point I will readily admit that there will be certain exceptions. Some men will always prefer a real, live woman over a robot. And good for them. But, when a man's overall cost for sex with his robot goes to well below his overall cost for sex with real women, guess what will be preferred eight or nine times out of ten?

Ultimately, the advent of sex robots will be the major technological change that will cast down the last stone of the last feminist monolith upon the last screeching harpie of "Womyn's Rights". I say it can't come along fast enough.


  1. The movie "Cherry 2000" was about this. For that matter, in the past, so was "Stepford Wives."

    1. Yeah, but The Stepford Wives was a sort of sci-fi horror story (pretty good one too, I remember reading the book when I were a wee lad). And "Cherry 2000" sounds like a feminist-sympathiser's dystopic take on the concept.

      By contrast, I personally think that sexbots will be a Very Good Thing for society- not least because suddenly the balance of power between men and women will completely shift, in favour of the former.


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