The end result of multiculturalism

President Jackass proves that he, and his idiotic multiculturalist agenda, is every bit as dysfunctional as his critics have been claiming for years:
Take a White House state dinner and multiply it by 50. The result is the most elaborate and unusual dinner of President Barack Obama's administration, a one-of-a-kind affair put on Tuesday night for a one-of-a-kind gathering of several dozen leaders from countries across Africa. 
The leaders are attending a three-day conference organized by the White House and aimed at boosting U.S. ties to the continent. 
Obama wasted little time highlighting his own personal connection to Africa during a brief toast. 
Guests at the summit dined on chilled spiced tomato soup and socca crisps, which are made of chick peas; chopped farm-stand vegetable salad using produce from the first lady's garden; and grilled dry-aged Wagyu beef served with chermoula, a marinade used in North African cooking, sweet potatoes and coconut milk. 
Dessert was cappuccino fudge cake dressed with papaya scented with vanilla from Madagascar. American wines were also on the menu.  
Guests were shuttled down to a massive tent erected on the South Lawn because the White House, as big as it is, does not have any rooms large enough that can hold the more-than-400 invited guests. 
I stand before you as the president of the United States, a proud American. I also stand before you as the son of a man from Africa,’ Obama said drawing applause. ‘The blood of Africa runs through our family, so for us, the bonds between our countries, our continents are deeply personal.’ 
He warmly recalled family visits to Kenya before he became president, as well as stops at historic sites in Ghana, Senegal and South Africa with his family while in office. And he offered a toast to ‘the new Africa, the Africa that is rising and so full of promise.
I know 2012 was a while back. I still can't believe that you people elected this... clown as your President. TWICE!!!

Even India had the good sense to throw Indira Gandhi out of office as soon as it became clear that she'd gone off the deep end.

With the obligatory Obarmy-bashing out of the way, let's analyse just why this is so deeply wrong, and why the President's statements should make any red-blooded American feel distinctly queasy.

Let us be very clear about something. If you are President of the United States of America, you are the President of the United States of America. One cannot be simultaneously the leader of an American nation, and a son of Africa. (Yes, I know, he technically said "son of a man from Africa". This isn't about the man's- highly dubious- birth certificate.)

The question that every American should be asking right now, but most probably never will, is simple: who exactly does their President serve? Does he serve the interests of the people who elected him? Or does he serve the people of Africa?

This is a President who proclaimed on the campaign trail in 2008, in ridiculously overblown fashion, that he was "a citizen of the world". I used to believe that such nonsense was possible- I've lived in 6 different, countries, I speak two languages and am anywhere from conversant to beginner in two more, and I've seen more of Asia alone in my lifetime than most Asians ever will, never mind most Americans. That was before I matured and came to realise that one can only be loyal- truly loyal- to one country, and one culture, at a time.

In light of this President's utter failure to lead his own country effectively, and his betrayal of his people- assuming that he actually considers Americans to be "his" people- one is forced to seriously question his loyalties. And as far as I can tell, this President is loyal to none but himself and his own conception of how the world works.

Which brings us to the broader reality of multiculturalism. This is an idea- an ideology, really- that states, quite simply, that all cultures are equal and that no one culture can be elevated to superiority above any other. Ostensibly, this is an ideology that promotes tolerance and peace. In reality, it promotes division and open war.

Because multiculturalists seek to deny that any one culture can possibly be superior to any other, they are forced into a state of severe cognitive dissonance when they realise that Western culture, created as it was first by Greco-Roman influences, then by Judeo-Christian values, then by Enlightenment philosophy and science, has achieved vastly superior outcomes by every single possible measure than any other culture in history.

To overcome this dissonance, multiculturalists are forced to resort to the most fantastic tortures and twists of logic to elevate barbaric cultures up and push Western culture down. You can see this for yourself if you've ever read- or tried to read- Edward Said's Orientalism, for instance.

It is for this reason that we are confronted with such idiotic statements as the one that President Jackass made above about "the new Africa".

As far as I can tell, the "new" Africa is exactly the same as the "old" Africa- the one where, when I were a wee lad, Zaire was overtaken by a supposedly "democratic" revolution to overthrow a corrupt old tyrant who stole billions of dollars of his own country's wealth. He was replaced by... a corrupt younger tyrant who stole billions of dollars of his own country's wealth.

Looking at the guest list for Obarmy's little soiree, one sees the exact same pattern repeated time and again- dictators, mass murderers, corrupt nepotists and crony capitalists.

The vast majority of Africa remains a disaster when measured on almost any metric- health, education, life expectancy, per-capita GDP, rule of law, etc. You name the test, and Africa fails it. The only exceptions are tiny countries like Lesotho and Botswana- and those countries are rife with HIV/AIDS infection rates that are in some cases north of 50%.

And what of the white colonials who- so multiculturalists like to proclaim- oppressed Africa for so long, and did so much to perpetuate the cycles of violence and hopelessness that plague the continent? Well, as Ilana Mercer pointed out in her landmark book, Into the Cannibal's Pot, the whites actually tended to leave pretty effective governing structures and institutions in the countries that they conquered and pillaged.

And make no mistake- the imperial powers did conquer and pillage, and did inflict tremendous human misery.

Thing is, though, that compared to Africa's own people, the British and French and Germans and even the Belgians were bit-players when it came to oppressing and slaughtering Africans.

If you think about it, in a way, there could be no greater validation of what nationalists like me have been saying for years- decades, even- about the evils and logical contradictions of multiculturalism than this special White House summit dinner.

President Barack Hussein Obama, a product of an American education system, an American political system, and an American nation (presumably), stood in front of the leaders of Africa as the leader of the most powerful nation on Earth. For all of his innumerable flaws and his galactic levels of incompetence, he is still, in his own strange way, living proof of this country's innate greatness and decency. He stood there as a product of the greatest and most powerful culture in human history. And he tore down everything that had put him there.

Meanwhile, some of the world's most corrupt and barbaric leaders sat around, ate and drank products that their own people by and large cannot produce, and which are far more expensive than 98% of their people can possibly afford, and listened to this poltroon wax lyrical about the supposed greatness of nations that are rich in resources, and yet routinely come begging the world's truly rich nations for aid.

This, my friends, is the final stop on the multiculturalist road. It's exactly like the final scene of Animal Farm, when you look through the window and you can't tell the difference between the men and the beasts.

And this is precisely why nationalism, not multiculturalism, is the only sensible ideology for the modern world.


  1. Shame, Didact, that you can't stay here. You've internalized America - the idea, and the ideal - and as punishment when your visa expires they'll send you back to India (I'm guessing India is your home country) to make room for more third world indigents.

    There aren't enough words of sufficient gravity to express how I detest this president. MPAI, though. And the administration counts on it. Collectively, we are too dumb and too entertained to notice or care that our country is being sold out from under us, sometimes literally, by a son of Africa who is just as treacherous and corrupt as his African brothers.

  2. You've internalized America - the idea, and the ideal - and as punishment when your visa expires they'll send you back to India (I'm guessing India is your home country) to make room for more third world indigents

    It's funny you mention that. former colleague of mine said pretty much the same thing- that I'm more American than most Americans. I am greatly honoured by the sentiment; I love this country and what it stands (or stood) for.

    But that also means that I am bound by the laws of this country; if the government says so, then I have to leave.

    And yes, India is my home country- in the sense that this is what my passport says. I haven't lived there since I was 5, though. We'll see where I eventually end up; my company is trying to figure out where to put me right now.

    Collectively, we are too dumb and too entertained to notice or care that our country is being sold out from under us, sometimes literally, by a son of Africa who is just as treacherous and corrupt as his African brothers.

    He's definitely every bit as dishonest as his African counterparts. And he seems to have just as little regard for rule of law and honesty as any tinpot African dictator.


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