"Spinal Tap" was reality TV

It is indisputable fact that This is Spinal Tap is the funniest movie of all time. Especially if you're a major heavy metal/rock nerd, like me. The more you know about rock and metal, the funnier the movie becomes, because you realise that it's a completely deadpan send-up of some of the most ridiculous things that have ever happened in the history of rock music.

The thing is, though, that if you watch it for the first time, you'll be tempted to think that it's either a very lame attempt at bad humour, or a real documentary. And when you learn about some of the crazy stuff that happens to real bands when they're on tour, you will understand exactly why so many rock stars saw the movie and said, "that's not funny, that's literally daily life for us...":
#3. Kings of Leon Drowns in Bird Shit
Kings of Leon was having a concert in St. Louis, Missouri, when, during the third song (a phrase which here means "the third time they played 'Use Somebody' that night"), a flock of pigeons swooped in and shit all over them, because apparently God only answers the most hilarious of prayers. 
The birds had been steadily crapping on the show all evening, having previously rained deuces on the two opening acts before assaulting the Kings of Leon themselves, and yet everyone involved chose to ignore what the universe was clearly trying to tell them. The band soldiered through the first two songs, apparently accustomed to singing "Sex on Fire" with runny dumps streaking down their cheeks, but by the time they'd reached the third number on their set list, one of the free-falling sky dooks had landed directly in bassist Jared Followill's mouth. 
This was somehow the last straw, and the band stormed off the stage in disgust and refused to continue. 
As a footnote, we should point out that Alice Cooper had an even stranger story during one of his shows. His trademark boa constrictor (a phrase typically reserved for professional wrestlers and G.I. Joe villains), evidently concerned with leaving a lasting impression on any Rolling Stonereviewers in attendance, squeezed out several huge mounds of snake boom on the stage to ensure that the evening was an affair to remember... 
Luckily, several clowns were on hand to rush onstage and clean up the poop (and we mean literal face-painted circus clowns, because Alice Cooper is a maniac). However, the stench was so overwhelming that the clowns started to throw up all over the place, turning their cleaning efforts into one of the labors of Hercules and effectively distracting everyone from the music, which admittedly is the entire purpose of an Alice Cooper concert. 
The difference between this and the Kings of Leon incident is that no one felt the need to stop the show, and in fact if Cooper could have trained the snake to do that every time, he almost certainly would have.
I have a hard time reading that story about Alice Cooper and not falling over laughing. I've seen him play live- opening for IRON MAIDEN, no less- twice, and there is pretty much no greater showman on Earth. And the thing is, knowing Alice Cooper, he totally would have incorporated a diarrhoetic boa constrictor into his show...


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