Rediscovering the blindingly obvious

A female writer for the Telegraph belatedly discovers the basics of girl game:
A few weeks ago, I was hanging out with some male friends [Didact: Translation- guys she would not sleep with] and conversation turned to which female celebrities would be on my "lesbian list" (as it does). I duly rattled off the names of five famous women who I believe to be irrefutably stunning, interesting and talented and could therefore definitely turn me, if only for the night. 

I won’t name them here, since public body shaming goes against every fibre of my being, but suffice to say there was a massive discrepancy between the way I, as a heterosexual female, viewed these women and the way they were perceived by my heterosexual male friends. 
An actress whom I pinpointed because of her unique sense of style and mane of thick luscious locks was dismissed as looking like a "shaved horse". [Didact: Sarah Jessica Parker, I suspect.] A supermodel whose glorious bone structure and timeless coolness I covet had, I was told, "the body of a prepubescent boy". [Didact: Has to be Kate Moss.] A singer I admire for her glamour, vivaciousness and exotic colouring was dubbed "a ferret lady in Shirley Bassey’s old clothes". 

Somewhat affronted, both on behalf of the women I’d mentioned but also because of my friends' assessment of my taste, I then asked them to name some famous women they thought were beautiful. 

About ten names were provided for my consideration. They were all people I thought were pretty, in a sort of attainable, girl-next-door type of way. None of them fitted the super slender, uber-glamorous stereotype I’m used to seeing on the front cover of Vogue (or a men's magazine). More than half of them were over 40 and the majority of them were over a size ten. The list was the complete antithesis of the "never too young or thin" beauty paradigm huge swathes of women are striving for.
There is a lot wrong with this from a red-pill perspective, obviously- starting with the fact that she was hanging out with "male friends". Let's be clear about this: men don't have female "friends". We categorise women into three basic buckets: Have Banged, Would Bang, Cannot Bang. There are nuances and gradations in between, and it's surprisingly easy for a woman to go from the Would to Cannot category very quickly, but that's basically all there is to it.

Yet there is also quite a lot that is right. The article goes on to list several points where women get things completely wrong, and points out what men really want:
  • Someone healthy versus someone skinny: A beautiful woman generally tends to be a healthy woman too. There is a reason why very few men actually like anorexics. Ever tried hanging out with a woman who is obsessed over her weight and how skinny she is? I have. It's infuriating. All such a woman ever does is yap about her diet and fret over her weight. There is no depth and no sense to such women at all.
  • A sense of proportion: Some men prefer butts, others prefer breasts. Some like skinny girls, others like voluptuous ones. It's a matter of individual taste and preference. But almost no man wants to date a cartoon character.
Rangiku Matsumoto Matsumoto Rangiku
Not even this one
  • Individuality over style: Probably the most subjective point of the lot. There is a fine line between wearing the latest fashions and wearing the latest fashions well enough to stand out.
  • A woman who looks like she's having a good time: This, and the last point, are by far the most important. Most men have dreamed, at some point or another, of dating models and supermodels. Personally, I have never really understood this desire. I used to know a couple of former models- not very good ones, mind you, but very minor models nonetheless- and I don't think I've ever met a more unhappy, superficial, high-strung bunch of women. Being a model is hard work, and it's difficult to look happy and carefree when you're working like that to maintain a flawless facade.
  • Someone who smiles: Bingo. A woman who pouts and preens her way through any social engagement or date is not a pleasant person to be around. A woman who smiles, a lot, and looks like she is delighted to be alive, is a source of energy and goodwill for all those around her. There is nothing like the dazzling smile of a pretty woman to lighten a man's day.
The entire article might as well have been titled, "How to Attract Men 101". These basic points are things that every girl should be taught from the day she hits puberty. The basic realities of what men find attractive have not really changed over the millennia; we've simply brainwashed ourselves into thinking that a woman should be accepted no matter what she looks like.

Yet, women who look like supermodels also seem to be the unhappiest and the least successful in their personal lives; and women who look like shambling shoggoths and Innsmouth fish-people (also known as "feminists") are, well, nasty. Women should not be accepted simply as they are- they should strive to beautify and perfect themselves, to become the best versions of themselves that they can be.

And how can they do that? For starters, by simply understanding each of the five basic points above, and applying them every day. They will be happier, and healthier, and more contented, for it.


  1. Yeah. Be happy, love life. I will grant that this is much harder for people with certain organic brain disorders. Diet does wonders for so much more than body composition, as I'm finding out. I usually look at miserable women and think "put down Cosmo, eat some coconut oil, and sex up your man, you'll be fine."

    Picking up on yesterday's thread, media consumption is mostly poison. I'm pretty sure the author of this article doesn't really think SJP or Kate Moss or whomever are really attractive enough to turn her on for a night. It sounds, rather, like she is repeating something for which other women might applaud her (i.e., finding the unconventional sexually attractive). What straight women thinks about other women that way? In any case, even writing that she has a lesbo list is discomfiting, regardless of who is on it. Sounds like she was trying to get on at least one of her guy friends "would bang" list, maybe? Or just be edgy and man-like.

    1. I usually look at miserable women and think "put down Cosmo, eat some coconut oil, and sex up your man, you'll be fine."

      Pretty much the definition of "girl game". Or wife game, if you prefer.

      What straight women thinks about other women that way? In any case, even writing that she has a lesbo list is discomfiting, regardless of who is on it. Sounds like she was trying to get on at least one of her guy friends "would bang" list, maybe? Or just be edgy and man-like.

      Could be any one of those. I tend to lean toward the "seeking male approval and validation" angle. It was a good illustration of just how poorly most modern women- and many men, for that matter- understand what men find attractive.

      The writer started off by listing women who are accomplished, intelligent, and highly... pneumatic- yet her male counterparts rejected almost all of her suggestions and instead responded with women who are pleasant, good company, and have good proportions.

      I suspect that the differences in perceptions are due to, as you say, the poisons of mass media and modern culture. Women have been raised for the last thirty years with completely unrealistic expectations of their roles in modern society, and as a result their perceptions of what is and is not attractive have been thoroughly warped.


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