Maybe they'll let him live this time

Sean Bean has certainly been given the short straw a lot in his film and television roles- basically, the man almost always dies. Usually quite gruesomely, almost always spectacularly. 

Doesn't change the fact that he's a great actor, though. His CV spans some 25 years of theatre, film, and television and he has proven repeatedly that he is one of the world's finest actors. Anyone who can play Richard Sharpe, that Irish terrorist bloke, Odysseus, Boromir, Eddard Stark, and Sgt. Andy McNabb through his rich and storied career, has got to have some serious acting chops.

His personal life is a bit of a dog's breakfast, though. He's evidently quite introverted- he likes his alone time- but he also makes the classic introvert mistake of going for serial monogamy. That is an expensive and rather painful habit, it must be said.

Now apparently he's back on the small screen in a TNT show called "Legends". And maybe this time, they'll let him last more than, say, 10 episodes before he is subjected to a gruesome and nasty death...


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