Leave the barbarians alone

Pat Buchanan proves, yet again, exactly why the rest of the country should be listening to him very closely when it comes to foreign policy:
But before allowing these “Cassandras” to stampede us back into the civil-sectarian Middle East wars that resulted from our previous interventions, let us inspect more closely what they are saying. 
If ISIS’ gains are truly an “existential threat” to the republic and our cities are about to “go up in flames,” why did these Republican hawks not demand that President Obama call back Congress from its five-week vacation to vote to authorize a new war on ISIS in Syria and Iraq? 
After all, King, McCain and Graham belong to a party that is suing the president for usurping Congressional powers. Yet, they are also demanding that Obama start bombing nations he has no authority to bomb, as ISIS has not attacked us. 
King, McCain and Graham want Obama to play imperial president and launch a preemptive war that their own Congress has not authorised. 
What kind of constitutionalists, what kind of conservatives are these? 
Is Graham right that an “existential threat” is at hand? Is our very existence as a nation in peril? Graham says no force in the Mideast can stop ISIL without us. Is this true? 
Turkey, a nation of 76 million, has the second-largest army in NATO, equipped with U.S. weapons, and an air force ISIL does not have.
If President Recep Tayyip Erdogan wanted to crush ISIS, he could seal his border to foreign fighters entering Syria and send the Turkish army to assist President Bashar Assad in annihilating ISIS in Syria. 
The jihadists of the Islamic State may be more motivated, but they are hugely outnumbered and outgunned in the region.
There is absolutely nothing to be gained from yet another American intervention in the Middle East. If these Musloid barbarians insist on slaughtering each other, let them, and let their "god" sort them out. America has no business intervening.

As Mr. Buchanan also points out, any "conservative" who on the one hand wants to sue the current President for imperial overreach- and such a lawsuit is completely justified given President Jackass's predilection for executive orders and unilateral action over fidelity to Constitutional division of powers- but on the other hand wants that same incompetent and gormless President to intervene without proper authorisation from Congress, is a roaring hypocrite.

Such hypocrisy is only to be expected from neo-cons like Sen. McCain and Sen. Graham. These men believe that America's might is best used in shaping the world to suit idealistic American visions of what the world should look like. They utterly fail to understand that the neo-con vision of a democratic free world completely ignores the reality that race, culture, and institutions are inextricably intertwined. What works for a culture derived from Greco-Roman institutions and Judeo-Christian values will assuredly not work for a culture based on pagan, or, worse, Islamic institutions and values.

And since no neo-conservative in his right mind is going to argue for the wholesale slaughter and conversion at sword-point of the Middle East's barbarian Arab populations to Christianity, their entire philosophy of imposing Western-style democracy upon people who have historically shown zero capacity or ability to build and maintain it is not only incoherent, it is actively dangerous.

Let the Sunni and the Shia slaughter each other. Let the Turks figure out which side they want to choose. Let the Israelis alone to do what they do best- killing and breaking those who attempt to harm them. And let America tend to its myriad problems right here at home- not the smallest of which involves tens of thousands of barbarian invaders streaming right over the southern border every year.

There are more urgent things to worry about than the psychotic actions of a bunch of Islamist loonies. One can no more deter or reason with them than one would with a hurricane.


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