Go kick the bucket

Aaron Clarey gives the only possible rational response to this stupid ALS ice bucket challenge that's sweeping the globe, for reasons that I completely fail to understand:

Look, I'll make this really simple. This is a disease that affects a total of up to perhaps 30,000 Americans. That is 0.001% of the entire population. It's also less than the total number of people that die each year due to traffic collisions in this country.

Now, the ALS craze has raised some $80M for research into ALS. All well and good. But kindly stop wasting everyone's time pretending that this is some great crusade to slay some hideous demon. It is not. It's an exercise in feel-good solipsism that accomplishes little other than a lot of publicity and free press, and incidentally allows us to watch our favourite celebrities making asses of themselves in public.

I'm all for that latter benefit. But, as Aaron says in his video, either cure this disease, or f*** off. You're not proving anything by taking the ice bucket challenge, other than that you're willing to follow along with any old stupid fad for attention.


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