Drive-by country

Molotov Mitchell has some rather trenchant observations to make about the State of New Jersey, on his way to making some quite poignant observations about lone soldiers fighting for Israel:

Unfortunately, I can't really avoid NJ. I live in the state. I do, however, acknowledge that every single one of the charges that he levels against the state is true.

Gun control laws here are very much out of control. I looked into applying for a gun licence a while back. Turns out, the paperwork is so involved and so ridiculous that you might as well not bother- and it's not easy finding a pistol or rifle range that is within driving distance that actually allows you to burn through enough ammo to become proficient.

And he's quite right about driving through Pennsylvania instead of NJ. My family and I drove from Ohio to NJ once. The countryside in PA is astonishingly beautiful. You could drive through Pennsylvania for hours without ever getting bored. But the moment you're within spitting distance of the border with Jersey, the scenery changes- you can actually see everything becoming more drab, more depressing, and more shady, by the mile. When you actually cross over into the Garden State, you can literally smell the change.

For all of that, I like New Jersey. I'd rather live here than New York, at any rate. At least here people have the good sense to admit that their state is corrupt and shady. New Yorkers have this insufferable superiority complex about their state, and a much higher sales tax to boot.


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