Buyer's remorse

From a while back, I know- but it's becoming clear that the Magic Black President who was supposed to heal everything that is wrong with this country didn't really work out that way:
The trailers were great, but the movie was horrible. 
Six years in, that's the general consensus on the Obama presidency. Having ridden a wave of "hope and change" to the White House, President Barack Obama has failed to deliver on his huge box office, err, ballot box expectations. 
Just how bad is it? Since it is summer "blockbuster" season, I'll explain thusly: 
There's a difference between being bad and being most awesomely bad. You and I probably never even hear of the worst movies made. They are forgotten, not mocked. But the truly disastrous flops - the Water Worlds and Ishtars of the world - are the movies that come with huge budgets and huge expectations. 
Obama fits the latter category - extremely talented and hyped, but ultimately, unsatisfying. True, I've been making this case for a long time - but now, there's evidence. [Didact: Just where the hell does this guy get the idea that Barack Obama had any talents other than self-promotion???] 
A Quinnipiac poll released in America this week has Obama ranked as the "worst president" since World War II. For various reasons, this may or may not be entirely fair, but considering his competition included Jimmy Carter and George W. Bush, this is problematic. And, what is more, a majority surveyed also said "the nation would be better off" had Mitt Romney won presidency. [Didact: This just goes to show that one should NEVER underestimate the lack of judgement of the American electorate.]
Whereas Jaws was a summer hit in the summer of 1975, Obama has now "jumped the shark" in the sweltering summer of 2014. [Didact: It actually wasn't a sweltering summer. But of course Obarmy thinks that it's ALL due to global warming!!!] 
So what's to blame? For one thing, all the talk of "hope and change" turned out to be a stark contrast to his practice of stoking bitterness and division in order to win re-election. Call it false advertising or buyer's remorse, but just because someone buys a ticket to a show doesn't mean they're going to applaud. 
Somewhere along the way, this feel-good romcom turned into a horror show. 

To most Americans, the economy continues to feel anemic, and it's hard to imagine the international situation could get much worse - again a case of false advertising. 

If Obama were a movie, he'd be Gigli.
Anyone who has been paying any sort of attention for the last 6 years, and doesn't have his head shoved three feet up a well-digger's ass (read: Democrats, moderate Republicans, liberals, hipsters- y'know, the idiots of this world) can tell that Barack Obama was not up to the job. He has been revealed to be nothing more than an empty suit, a hack with an endless talent for self-promotion and nothing of substance behind it. We know that he is a race-hustler, a bitterly partisan politician, an economic illiterate, and a completely unsuitable candidate for running the local 7-11, never mind the world's most powerful military and most wealthy economy.

The thing is, it is easy to carp about Obarmy's flaws- which I had a pretty good idea existed as far back as 2008.

It is nearly impossible to figure out what has to be done to undo the damage he has inflicted- because, if we're very honest with ourselves, he isn't the root cause of it all.

It may be extremely unpopular to say this, and it is no doubt very painful to admit it, but let us face facts: Barack Obama, as utterly useless and pathetic as he is, did not create this disastrous state of affairs in which this once-great country finds itself in today. The economic, military, and foreign policy failures of his administration are his to own- not that he will, since his only real talent, and not much of one at that, lies in redirecting blame to anyone other than himself- but their roots go far deeper.

The problem here is that Americans have gotten too used to the idea of Big Daddy Guv'mint doing everything for them. As repugnant as Barack Obama's administration has been, his ineptitude is the secondary infection that is killing the patient, not the immunodeficiency virus that is destroying the patient's ability to fight back in the first place.

The source of the greatness of this country was always its people. The American people were once a hardy and independent sort- deeply opposed to being told what to do, willing to make almost any sacrifice necessary to secure their freedoms, and filled with the flame of divine righteousness in the service of their cause. Alexis de Tocqueville and his contemporaries wrote of this greatness over a hundred years ago when they came to this country to try to understand how a bunch of backwater colonies, bereft of the gifts and generosity of the mother empire, could possibly have grown to be the economic engine of the world in so short a time.

But almost all of that greatness has been used up- wasted away, shriveled and desiccated in the modern age of Big Government and small individual.

For over a hundred years, Americans have been told that the government is the key to their salvation. They have believed almost every lie they have ever been told- that government planners and central planning can plot out a healthy and robust economy, that government-controlled schooling can guarantee better outcomes than private and home schooling, that health care is a human right and not a service like any other, and that the government knows what foods are best for you instead of your own genetics and body.

And for all of that time, the American people have believed these lies.

The original American Revolution came about because the colonials, who believed themselves (rightly) to be free-born Englishmen, rebelled against a distant king and an overweening government. The abuses of that government, nearly 250 years in the past, were as nothing compared to the abuses that the American people seem to suffer without real complaint today.

There is almost nothing left of the original fire and spirit of the American Revolution, and I have good reason to think that it will wither and die, and with it the American Republic. The grand experiment that was conceived so long ago will meet its ignominious end because the American people repeatedly chose that which was easy and convenient, rather than that which is difficult but right.

Feeling buyer's remorse for choosing Barack Obama as President- TWICE!!!!!- is only natural, given what a colossally incompetent poltroon he has turned out to be. But before you feel too unhappy about what he has wrought upon this land, look at yourself in the mirror, and remember that it was people like you that made this possible. Not just you, but your fathers, and their fathers- because they chose what was best for themselves, instead of what was best for their people.


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