Bonobo-Nose on multiculturalism

The lady with the giant nose and even more impressive lack of perspective is back- maybe that honking great wine-sniffer gets in the way of her field of vision?- and is wondering why we can't all hold hands and sing kumbaya around the fire:
In these moments, people try to deal with the fact that I’m clearly ethnic. My skin colour and full name tend to give this away, and most people correctly assume that I’m Indian and Hindu. Some mistakenly think I’m Pakistani, a Muslim, or even that I just ‘have a Latino tan’, but they all recognise that my skin is brown and I am not white.

Then there are the people who are desperate to show how non-racist they are by acting as though they haven’t noticed my skin colour. Memorably, this once led to a girl earnestly asking me if I also hated when you get fake tan streaks. All I could do was hold up my brown arm and explain I didn’t really need fake tan. 
The worst kind are the people who are curious about my background, but so frightened of coming across as racist that they enquire about it in a roundabout way. Normally, it leads to the ‘where are you from?’ conversation – one that most ethnic people dread. It goes something like this: 
Non-racist person: ‘So, where are you from?’

Ethnic person: ‘London’
NRP: ‘No but where are you FROM?’
EP: ‘North London.’
NRP: ‘No, but like, your parents? Where are they from?’
Frustrated EP: ‘If you’re trying to ask me what my ethnicity is, I tick British Asian on forms.’ 
All of these people mean well, and I rarely let any of it bother me. I know they just want to make me feel comfortable, and they’re going about it the only way they know how. But, when you look at it from a wider perspective, it isn’t as harmless as it might appear. This kind of attitude, even if it’s not racist, can still be incredibly damaging.
Often it isn’t a racism problem so much as a typically British reluctance to be open and confront what is perceived to be the elephant in the room. And a lot of the time it’s borne out of politeness or good intentions - but that doesn’t mean it’s the good or even decent way to act. If anything, it’s holding us back from being a truly equal, multicultural nation where people of all ethnicities can be treated in exactly the same way – even if that means they’re treated harshly. 
In the case of criminals, it goes without saying that they should be punished regardless of their skin colour. It doesn’t matter what role race plays in their crime – all that matters is that a crime has been committed. But in the case of everyday situations, people need to stop being so frightened of offending others. [Didact: And guess who made them afraid? That's right: people like you, who cry "RACISS!!!!" at the drop of a hat.]
It’s only when an ethnic person such as myself can go to a party without my skin colour reducing strangers to awkward mumbles and overblown reactions, that we will have reached achieved that goal. Society needs to reach a point where people don’t feel nervous about acknowledging that others in their community, workplace, school or social group have different skin colours, backgrounds and ethnicities. [Didact: Wrong. Society needs to reach a point where people with different backgrounds, skin colours, and ethnicities forswear their allegiances to those separating factors and bind themselves to the values and culture of their host.]
Witness the utter logical ineptitude of the modern multiculturalist. She has no problem with being treated differently because of her skin colour and ethnicity... and yet criticises the society that hosts her for not treating everyone equally.

Yeah, I don't get it either.

As one of those "little brown brothers" who is here at the forbearance of the people of this country, let me make this very clear: I am different from you. I am not American. I do not pretend to be. I dearly love this country, bumps, warts, and all- but I am not one of you. I am simply someone who came here for an education, found a job, stayed, and contributed to the American economy. I come from a different background and I fully acknowledge that because of this, I am treated differently. I have no problem with this- I am here as a guest, and if the American people say I have to leave, then all I can do is respect the wishes of those who have treated me well and have never done me any harm.

I am here because I agreed, implicitly and otherwise, to abide by American law, morals, cultural values, and norms. If I break that agreement, then I have no right to stay here.

And so it is with the child abusers of Rotherham, and with foreigners from other lands who have settled in the West. Those of us who break that covenant- as far too many of us do- do not deserve the tolerance and mercy with which our hosts have so generously treated us.

As I have written many times before, multiculturalism is an insidious poison in the veins of any society that it infects. This utterly immoral, ahistorical belief that all cultures are equal and have equal validity and worth, has never worked in practice. It cannot, because it destroys that which is good in favour of that which is not.

Moreover, it does not take a maths whiz to realise that if you have more foreign-born voters with foreign morals and values than domestic ones, the foreign values will eventually (and in fairly short order) displace the domestic ones.

We are already seeing this throughout both the UK and US, and through much of the West. Entire towns in the UK are considered off limits by police simply because their laws cannot be enforced- and remember, in order for a law to be a law, it MUST be enforceable. British common law, which has led to great peace and prosperity in the British Isles, is now as foreign a concept in towns like Rotherham and Bradford as shariah law is to places like Stoke-on-Trent and Canterbury.

The reality that the "little brown brothers and sisters" must face is very simple. Either assimilate, and adopt the values and ideals of your host nation as your own, to the point where the only separation between you and your hosts is skin colour, or accept secondary status without the right to vote, or leave. That's all there is to it.

In my experience, skin colour is not a major barrier to societal trust- provided that the individual(s) in question demonstrate a willingness to conform to cultural and social norms of the host nation. If that is too much to be expected, then why should said hosts be forgiving of those who break their laws and refuse to play by their rules?

This is the reality that well-meaning do-gooders like Ms. Sanghani (with her immense nose) refuse to acknowledge. They blindly refuse to understand that the originally Protestant-Christian, Anglo-Saxon culture of England is the dominant culture, and has until now tolerated the influx of foreign invaders- but now it is well past time for the push-back to begin.

Multiculturalism is doomed to fail as a doctrine, just as every damn fool Utopian dream before it. Unfortunately, like all other Utopian ideologies, it will inflict terrible suffering before it finally dies and is consigned to the ash-heap of history where it belongs.


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