A REAL yoof culture

Via Vox- who got this from Heartiste, who in turn got it from... well, somewhere- here is a video that, in a sensible world, would serve as a rallying cry across this country to the youngsters of today:

As Vox pointed out in both of his blogs, this video is a sort of litmus test. If you watch this video and recoil instinctively in horror at something that seems to remind you of der Hitler Jugend propaganda videos from the Third Reich... then I'm sorry to say that you completely missed the point.

Worse, you are very much anti-civilisation. You favour an ideology that holds that there are no innate differences between different races and cultures- no matter how much evidence that is presented telling you otherwise- and you believe that you can simply wish away the evils of multiculturalism and transnational progressivism.

If, however, you react with righteous acclaim, pride, and deep satisfaction, and you believe that these youngsters do in fact have a very real point, then welcome to the side that's fighting for civilisation. Welcome to the team that believes that there is something worth fighting for.


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