A cautionary tale

I've been seeing various pundits talking about front-runners for the job of President of the United States once Obarmy's term finally ends in 2016 (unless you people actually do what is right for a change and IMPEACH THE BASTARD!!!).

Evidently, the front-runner for the job, by a country mile, across a plurality of voters, is the Lizard Queen, better known as one "Hillary Rodham Clinton".

The usual suspects are punting her for the post because of her "exceptional qualifications", or some such nonsense. Of course, once you scratch beneath the surface and realise just what an unscrupulous, unprincipled pair of serpents she and her husband are, you might find yourself wondering if maybe voting to put those two back in charge of the country would be such a great idea*.

To those doubts, I can add two additional useful perspectives- one fictional, one historical.

The fictional perspective comes from a great near-future military fiction book by John Ringo- The Last Centurion. I first read it about 7 years ago and I recently finished re-reading it; the entertainment value certainly doesn't diminish over time with that one. The plot of the book is pretty interesting: basically, the world enters a mini-Ice Age at the same time that a worldwide killer flu pandemic strikes, and these two disasters coincide with the fact that there happens to be a very liberal female President in the White House, who has the mainstream media entirely on her side. Through not-inconsiderable legal chicanery, she manages to secure emergency powers that allow her to rule as, essentially, a dictator- and proceeds to completely FUBAR the entire country with insane left-wing policies that are utterly devoid of logic, sound judgement, and expert opinion.

Sounding familiar yet?

Actually, the reason I re-read this book recently was to see how the predictions that John Ringo made in it- fictional ones, to be sure, but predictions nonetheless- had panned out. He was in fact eerily accurate on a number of points- the only one that he missed was that the Idiot-in-Chief is a half-black quasi-Communist moron who prefers to spend most of his time "on vacation" (and that is a Very Good Thing).

The point of all of this is that the awfully bleak future that John Ringo sketches out in that book could happen, all too easily, in your country, if you're not careful.

"But Didact", I hear you say, "we Americans would never be dumb enough to turn over absolute power to a psychotic bitch like that! And besides, we have the Constitution to protect us! Even if we did elect the Antichrist, she couldn't possibly be as bad as all that!!!"

Au contraire, mes amis.

In the first place, you Americans are stupid enough to do this. You've done it before, and I'm quite sure you'll do it again- hell, you elected Barack Obama, TWICE. Any country that does this to itself, willingly, is quite likely beyond saving.

Remember a guy named Abraham Lincoln? You Yankees let him get away with being a dictator in all but name- and more than 600,000 of your people, more than 10 percent of your population at the time, died so that his dream of a strong central government and unified welfare state could live.

In the second place, it is far easier than you might think to allow a woman as ruthless, as politically savvy, and as utterly devoid of morals as Hillary Clinton to achieve absolute power.

Let me tell you how.

This is a story from another big democracy, about the time that they elected a female Prime Minister- who used a national emergency as an excuse to give herself near-absolute power, and very nearly destroyed her nation.

Before we proceed, I guess you need to understand something about Indian electoral politics: the Nehru-Gandhi dynasty is the Indian equivalent of the Kennedy family here in the US, in terms of both political influence and historical closeness to the political scene. Indira Gandhi was the daughter of Jawaharlal Nehru, the country's first Prime Minister; her son also became Prime Minister, his wife Sonia (who is Italian, by the way) is the spiritual and political compass of the Congress Party, and Indira's grandson Rahul has been manoeuvering his way toward the premiership for years. (So far, unsuccessfully.)

Despite the fact that no one in the Nehru-Gandhi family is actually related to Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi- Indians call him "Mahatma", or "Great Soul"- there is tremendous political capital to be had in the fact that the current members of that family are descended from the first Prime Minister of India, and they all happen to share the name of the spiritual father of their country. It's a bit like being called George P. Bush, or Robert F. Kennedy Jr.- even if you've accomplished nothing whatsoever in your life, you get automatic name recognition right away. And that is no bad thing in politics.

Unsurprisingly, this factor worked very much in Indira Gandhi's favour. As Prime Minister, Mrs. Gandhi made it perfectly clear that she had no tolerance whatsoever for dissenting opinions- it was very much her way, or the highway. Subordinates quickly realised that if they wanted to get anywhere under her government, they had to play by her rules. Or else.

Politicians tend to achieve absolute power by resorting to highly populist measures, and Indira Gandhi was no exception. In a country where nearly everyone was impoverished- remember, this is back when India still believed in the insanity of socialism as a way of life- Indira Gandhi turned populist vote-buying into an art form. She nationalised entire industries, turned a fire-hose on "the evil rich", spent vast sums of money on the poor, and fostered a cult of personality unlike anything that most Americans have ever seen, let alone understood.

She then proceeded to use a combination of economic unrest, a recent war with arch-nemesis Pakistan, the OPEC oil embargo, and repeated labour strikes to declare a state of emergency that gave her effectively absolute power.

The end results? Massive curtailments of civil liberties. Arrests of political dissidents, without warrants or due cause. A forced sterilisation programme pushed through by her son Sanjay. Torture of jailed detainees, against the letter and spirit of the Indian Constitution. Suspension of freedom of religious practice- especially for the large and vocal Sikh minority. Utter destruction of Constitutional checks and balances between various branches of government. Depletion of the public fisc.

The list goes on, and on, and on.

This is but a taste of what could happen in your country if you are stupid enough to believe the lies that your politicians tell you- especially that one politician named Hillary Rodham Clinton. She may well promise you that she will work toward women's "rights", and gay "rights", and whatever other "rights" that you might think are Good and Proper and Just. In reality, she will work to consolidate her own power over you. She cannot be trusted with your economy, your national defence, or your foreign policy- witness the miserable job she did as Secretary of State, and then tell me whether any foreign leader takes her seriously as either friend or foe.

There are a few things that might save your country, to be sure. One of them is still your Constitution- even now, after all of the abuses that you people have heaped upon it. See, unlike the Indian Constitution, which runs to some 500 pages with all of its amendments and addenda and appendices and is completely unreadable and incomprehensible, the American Constitution is a work of pure genius. It is short, simple, easy to understand, and to the point. It does not enshrine permanent privileges for any one minority that allows that minority to impose its will unchecked upon everyone else. It is the only thing that might save you from a woman with an appetite for power and a lack of any sense of proportion- such as Hillary Rodham Clinton.

Take heed from the lessons of the past, or else you will wake up one day and wonder just why the hell your country- supposedly the home of the free- looks so much like a fascist dictatorship.

*I'll put this as bluntly as I possibly can: YOU'RE VOTING FOR A CLINTON, YOU !@#$%^&* MORON!!! WHAT DO YOU THINK IS GOING TO HAPPEN?!


  1. "But Didact", I hear you say, "we Americans would never be dumb enough to turn over absolute power to a psychotic bitch like that! And besides, we have the Constitution to protect us! Even if we did elect the Antichrist, she couldn't possibly be as bad as all that!!!"

    You ain't gonna be hearing me spit out such nonsense. I'm surprised the vapid wench hasn't already been elected. Between the left's endless harpy screeching and the right's "take our country back!" mantra that clouds all they think, we're rather much like a bad joke that won't seem to end. It just gets repeated over and over without mercy. Perhaps because all of us (including me) in this country are lazy. Lazy, lazy, lazy. We're getting what we deserve.

    1. Quite. There really isn't much of a difference these days between the political right and the political left. (Or, as one older post of mine points out, "Democrats, Republicans, Same F***ing Difference".)

      I think Judge Andrew Napolitano put it best a while back in a closing segment that he did:

      "We do not have a two-party system in this country, we have a One Party system of Big Government. It has a Democrat wing, that likes war and taxes and welfare for its friends, and it has a Republican wing, that likes war and deficits and welfare for its friends."

      Doesn't get much more truthful than that. And as you say, a lot of it is due to laziness- people who have never had to earn their vote, deciding to then use that vote to ask for the impossible and ending up with the disastrous possible instead.


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