The wisdom wit of Nathan Fillion

Among sci-fi fans, there are several incontrovertible truths:
  • Firefly was cancelled waaaaaay too damn early;
  • The Fox network's decision to cancel Firefly showed that their management staff are apocalyptic dingleberries; and
  • Nathan Fillion IS the coolest sci-fi hero to appear on TV since, well, ever
And here is why:

Truthfully, I think Fillion made the show. It couldn't have become the cult classic that it is today without him. He is Malcolm Reynolds- it's impossible to imagine anyone else playing the character.

There is a lot wrong with the universe of Firefly. It's the usual equalitarian, pink-S/F nonsense that Joss Whedon is so good at writing and promoting. However, unlike most Pink sci-fi, Firefly tells a fantastic set of stories, with wonderful characters who truly capture the viewer's imagination. And that, ultimately, is why Firefly is still so hugely popular more than ten years after its untimely demise- because it does what good sci-fi is supposed to do: it captures the imagination.

Also, can I just say that Nathan Fillion has put on a ridiculous amount of weight in the intervening time, yet he is still charming, funny, and effortlessly hilarious. This, despite having to deal with either swooning fangirls or fat, slobbery (and probably closeted) fanboys. And his own silly sentiments about "solar roads" and other such fantasies.

Case in point: there is a particularly cringe-worthy point in the video where some berk walks up in a Mal Reynolds outfit and asks Fillion to sing with him. Fillion not only doesn't humiliate the kid, he plays along quite gamely and is really quite decent about the whole thing.

Basically, if you want to see what a truly funny, down-to-Earth, decent-minded, happy celebrity looks like, you can't do any better than Nathan Fillion.


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