The perils of dating a gym bunny

Tim Muriello from (a fitness supplement and advice site for bodybuilders) has some rather amusing advice for men who think that the idea of dating a fitness-obsessed woman is a Good Idea:

As if that wasn't amusing/silly enough, there's another video of him talking over some other meathead about fitness chicks whose boyfriends don't lift, at all:

The second video is actually funnier, simply because Tim doesn't seem to know when to STFU. That said, the points that he raises are good ones.

The reality of dating fitness chicks is that they are obsessed with themselves and their bodies. They seek validation from other women, and of course from men. In my experience attending five or six different gyms in three countries, there aren't many of these women around- mostly because the CrossFit fad has fortunately not really reached the bit of the country that I live in, more or less- but that will change over time.

Fitness chicks also tend to embrace very stupid diet fads. From a man's perspective, food is very simple: meat, vegetables, fruit, and a few sensible indulgences in moderation. The end. No need to add all sorts of frilly nonsense about "Zone Diets" and "juice cleanses" and "carb cycling".

Bottom line: if you're going to try to date a gym bunny, just be aware of what you're getting into. And don't EVER date a girl who can lift more than you- you'll look like a complete tool.


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