Teh gheyness is NOT the norm

The always delightful and always outspoken Ms. Barnhardt- she of the hilariously awesome Koran + bacon + lighter fluid video from a couple of years back- came up with a great sci-fi analogy to explain how our most important and cherished institutions have been infiltrated by the anti-civilisation elements of our society:
What part of “the Catholic Church has been massively infiltrated by Communists and sodomites” are we just not understanding?  Why do I still get email after email saying, “Ann, how can these bishops be cooperating with the Obama border dissolution tactic and be quartering the invaders?”  Yeah.  They’re inside.  In. Fil. Tra. Tors. 
May I be permitted to make a Xenomorph analogy?  It’s like Aliens. 
The Latin Mass people are like the Colonial Marines.  We certainly have the tools, but there is definitely a lack of… discipline.  And cohesion. 
(As an aside, yes, absolutely, I wanna be Vasquez.  Not Ripley.  VASQUEZ.  One of the great movie lines of all time… Hudson to Vasquez who is doing perfect strict overhand behind-the-neck chin-ups,
“Hey Vasquez, you ever been mistaken for a man?”

“No. Have you?”
The Aliens are the Commie-Sodomite infiltrators. They invade, immediately redecorate everything they touch with some sort of black resin which is secreted from their posterior fundaments, and then they hide in the walls, coming out at night… mostly. 
While in the Facehugger stage, they attach themselves to laity, and implant an embryo known as a “chestburster”. 
The Facehugger then detaches from the lay victim host, the host APPEARS normal, and then they hold the lay host, encased is a resin cocoon, while the embryo matures.  Those lay hosts NOT encased in resin cocoons and allowed to go back out into public to spread the infection are referred to as “Neocons” or “Progcons”.  And we all know how the “chestburster” stage ends. [Didact: In the extremely unlikely event that you have NOT seen the original "Alien"- here's a hint.]
They are purely predatory creatures with no higher goals than the propagation of their species and the destruction of life that could pose a threat.  Like wasps or termites, they are eusocial, with a single fertile queen per colony breeding a caste of warriors. 
So, asking me why some commie infiltrator bishop is crawling into bed with Obama at every turn is like asking me, “Oh my gosh! Why did that Alien just bite that dude??”  Um, because that’s their nature.  That’s what they do. Comm. U. Nist. In. Fil. Tra. Tors.  It’s really tough to win a war when you are CONSTANTLY shocked that the enemy infiltrators are shooting at you. The ability to delude one’s self is NOT a virtue.
The reason I bring this up is because of a movie that I watched recently. Bear with me, this is relevant.

Have you seen the movie, "How to Train Your Dragon 2"? Personally, I loved the original- it was a funny, warmhearted tale of friendship between a stunted boy and the wounded dragon that he befriends (after he did the wounding, of course). Together they grow into a strong, capable team that perseveres through adversity and defends the people of the boy's village.

The second movie, released more than 7 years after the original, is even better in most ways. It's a much more mature film, with a more serious tone despite the lighthearted way in which most of the subject matter is treated. And overall, because of its excellent characters and great writing, it's going to be remembered as one of the best movies of the summer.

There is, however, one big problem with it.

Without going into spoilers, let's just say that one of the comic relief characters subtly outs himself as gay.

In a movie intended for little children.

Read that again, because it's quite important: a major character subtly outs himself as gay in a movie MARKETED TOWARD SMALL CHILDREN.

If you do not see something deeply wrong with this and instinctively react as a result, there are several possible reasons why:
  • You are not a parent
  • You do not have younger siblings, especially younger brothers
  • You think it is acceptable to use summer children's movies as propaganda at a time when the country is not actively at war
  • You are militantly gay
Not one of these reasons is sufficient justification to permit the propagandists of Sodom and Gomorrah- er, I mean, Hollywood and New York- to attempt to brainwash the innocent.

And how did the (openly gay) man who wrote that line justify attempting to ram the homogamy agenda down the throats* of little children, despite the fact that doing so added nothing whatsoever to the plot, the characterisation, the action, or the conclusion of the film?
"I love the idea that Gobber is Berk's resident gay."
Wizard of Id
This should be the required punishment for every LGBT activist that tries to push
his/her/its agenda upon the rest of us
There cannot be clearer evidence that the equalitarians of the Left are dead set on tearing down everything good and decent remaining in our civilisation. They are willing to resort to any means necessary in order to justify their perversions in public.

Let us not forget that the gay rights movement started as an entirely justifiable attempt to ensure that gays could enjoy their basic rights to privacy, just like the rest of us. And if that was all that they wanted, then there would be no conflict at all- none of us chooses our particular brand of sin, and as long as those who engage in deviant sexual activities do not attempt to impose those practices upon others, then there is no reason why the rest of us should bother them. If they leave us in peace, we leave them in peace- that is the way it should work, and that is where matters should have stayed.

Inevitably, once the simple rights to privacy and peace were secured, the LGBT movement (or whatever the hell the acronym is these days) morphed into one that aggressively sought not merely basic protections, but active equality and eventually the right to impose their views upon the rest of us, whether we like it or not.

We are now at the point where large corporations are falling in line with the pro-gay agenda out of fear of being sued- up to and including surveys that ask employees whether or not they are "allies" of the LGBT movement. The month of June was called "LGBT Month", or some such, at my employer, and we were treated to (read: forced to endure) a month-long series of displays in the elevators, on the floors, and even when we walked in the door about how pro-gay "rights" the place is. We have not (yet) gotten to the point where mandatory "LGBT sensitivity" training is imposed upon us, but I imagine we'll get there sooner or later.

We got to this point through precisely the same phenomenon that Ann Barnhardt described. Organisations that started out with benign and even benevolent intentions are infiltrated by those who seek more extreme measures and eventually become perverted beyond all recognition. Eventually, they become enemies of the very civilisation that they sought to change.

At some point, the rest of us have to ask some very hard questions of these organisations and their ideals- and of ourselves. We have to be willing to ask whether we are willing to stand against the tide of moral and artistic sewage that they bring into our lives.

If we are not, then we merely become tools and enablers of those who seek to destroy us.

If we are, we become sworn enemies of those who plot our destruction.

There is no easy path out of this mess. But there is only one RIGHT path.

*Lord, forgive me for that one...


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