That is the only appropriate adjective that can be used to describe the British Advertising Standards Agency, when they banned the truly awesome new ad for the truly awesome new Jaguar F-type coupe. Which just so happened to star Tom Hiddleston, who is apparently tied with Benedict Cumbersome or whatever his name is for the title of Everyone's Favourite Brit Baddie.

Here's the ad, in full:

It is, indeed, an amazing ad. As for BASA- Boring Adenoidal Squeamish Anoraks? Bitchy Aggro Splenetic Arsewipes?- well they just proved to all the world that, yet again, regulators simply don't know the difference between safety and fun.

The whole damn point of a Jaguar coupe with a supercharged V6 340bhp engine is to drive it fast. How difficult is this concept to understand, if every 8-year-old boy on Earth can figure it out in under five seconds?

Which, apparently, is just a hair's breadth from the new F-type's 0-60 time...

There is only one legitimate response to  these muppets- although admittedly that response does involve a rather odoriferous bodily discharge, so in fact the truly appropriate response is to watch Top Gear instead, just to piss them off.

Three blokes driving the world's fastest cars while blowing things up- it's a man's show, it is!


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