Pay for your own stuff, woman

Mocking feminists is like drop-kicking chihuahuas-
not even all that much fun because it's just too easy
So there I was yesterday afternoon, walking down to the riverfront to eat lunch on a beautiful sunny day, minding my own business and generally trying to avoid getting run over by rude cabbies. It was looking to be a very good day indeed- work was keeping me very busy, there were lots of interesting things to do, I'd ordered lunch ahead so that I could skip the stupid annoying line, and I had a delicious juice smoothie in my hand. And later that night, I would be sparring with my fellow lunatics masochists students at the KM school.

Yes, life as I knew it was very pleasant.

Anon all of this was shattered irreparably by the loud, abrasive, obnoxious voice of an American woman behind me talking to her co-worker about his latest date. Unfortunately, I was forced to suffer the misery of listening to her drivel for the five minutes or so that it took me to reach the waterfront, at which point I promptly headed for the nearest seat along the river, out of earshot.

The conversation went something like this:
Woman: So how did your date with that girl go? 
Man: Went OK, I guess. Thing is, we went out for dinner and I actually sort of forgot to pay for both of us, so she ended up paying for herself. [That last part was said rather sheepishly.] 
Woman: OHMIGOD I CAN'T BELIEVE YOU WOULD FORGET TO DO THAT! YOU'RE SUCH A RETARD! I CAN'T BLAME HER IF SHE THREW A DRINK IN YOUR F***ING FACE!!! [Profanity was a big part of the vocabulary of this particular "lady". I have taken the liberty of "editing" the conversation somewhat. Plus I'm getting old- my short-term memory isn't what it used to be.] 
Man: (Cringing slightly) Yeah, I wouldn't either. But she was European, and I guess they're somewhat more independent and cool with that sort of thing... 
Woman: Look, I've been on, like, a TON of internet dates, and I can't think of a SINGLE time where I've EVER had to pay for my share of the bill- the guy has always paid for me. I can't believe you'd be such a jerk! How could you forget to offer to pay for both of you?!? I'm sure she thinks you're a total douche now! 
Man: Yeah- 
Woman: So I've got this one good friend- well, he's not really a friend, he's a few years younger than me, he's about 32, and he's, like, a TOTAL feminist. Like, MILITANTLY so. Every time I talk to him we get into these big arguments about how women and men should always split the cheque, and how we're all equal and stuff, and he always says that women should pay for their own side of the bill, and I'm like, "no, the man should always pay for everything"...
It was at this point that I managed to escape and eat my lunch in peace, although the day's pleasantness had dimmed considerably. And it gave me a chance to think and reflect upon what I had just heard, through the eyes and ears of a man who has learned quite a lot over the past few years about the realities of women.

What we have here is a classic example of an Empowered Modern Woman talking (down) to a Delta male. She checks all of the boxes:
  • Exaggerated and completely unjustified sense of entitlement;
  • Total inability to grasp facts, logic, and reason;
  • Shrill, grating, irritating personality;
  • Unrealistic expectations about her own sex rank in the SMP
That last part is crucial. Note that, by this lady's own admission, she is in her mid-thirties. I did get a chance to look at her before I finally managed to extract myself from having to listen to any more of this drivel- she was not unattractive, but the years had clearly not been kind to what was once a decent figure and a pretty face. She was thickening a bit around the waist, her face had numerous lines and creases, and her hair was clearly artificially coloured. She looked a bit older than mid-thirties, if I'm honest.

As with most modern American women working in high-powered corporate jobs these days (read: public relations, HR, sales, and in some cases actual marketing, which is in fact a real job- provided you do it right), this "lady" has a significantly overblown sense of her own self-importance in the grand scheme of things. She was clearly fairly affluent, judging by the jewelry she was wearing- as she said, she had been on many internet dates and clearly had not yet found "the Right One". (Meaning, an appropriately submissive Beta buttboy to put an overpriced ring on her finger and thereby cater to her every financial whim.) Yet, despite her professional success and clear affluence, at least some of which is surely founded on credit and debt, she still expected- nay, demanded- that all of her dates pay for her share of meals and drinks.

And of course, being a Modern Educated Empowered Woman*, she rather fails to realise that, on the one hand, she expects her dates to pay for everything; on the other hand, she offers them nothing useful in return. In the space of a few unguarded minutes of conversation, she revealed that she was petty, coarse-mouthed, and ignorant of the way a true conversation works- in other words, she had far less to offer than most women ten or fifteen years her junior, yet expected to be treated just like her younger contemporaries.

This is NOT wife material. It's not girlfriend material. It's barely even ONS or FB material.

Gentlemen, this is exactly what you should not do if you seek to get laid. It's about the stupidest way to go about winning a woman's affections in today's world.

This sort of thing used to work back when women were economically dependent upon men- about sixty years ago, roughly speaking. Back then, showing that you could support yourself and her financially was not really a bad move. Today, it's downright idiotic because women like this are already financially secure- according to themselves, anyway- and they do not need you to give them that security. They need you for other things, but in order to get those things- particularly the important ones, like, well, sex- you now have to pass a truly formidable bitch-shield in the process when dealing with deluded high-status types like the prime example above. You're not going to get past that shield by showering a woman with compliments and paying for everything.

Now let us turn to the statements made by the, er, "man" up there. I didn't get a good look at him, mostly because merely being within earshot of him was making my own testosterone levels drop rapidly, but as far as I could tell he was the Typical American Male- somewhat paunchy, slightly stooped over, a bit pasty-faced. In other words, he was your typical cubicle-dwelling finance type. Simply put, he was a solid candidate for some Red Pill 101.

He did, however, say one thing that I think is quite true. He was not necessarily wrong about European girls. A few months back I went out on a... well it's a bit of a stretch to call it a "date", but it was a pleasant evening even so, and I found the exact same phenomenon. When it came time to call it a night, I whipped out my credit card, she took out hers, and that was the end of it. I didn't have to say one word about who was paying for what, it was simply assumed that she would carry her end of the tab.

I have found this with both (Eastern) European and Asian women- but almost never with American women. I'm not sure what it is about American women that makes them so bizarrely entitled, given that in the cold light of day, most American women fail to compete with their Eastern European and East Asian rivals, but whatever it is, it makes for an exceedingly unpleasant, and expensive, experience when going out on dates.

If, that is, you do things the stupid way and insist on taking a woman out for dinner. If instead you keep things simple and cheap, you are likely to do much better, at far lower cost to yourself.

Gentlemen, this is how it is. This is the world we live in. The old rules do not apply any longer- they have not for decades- and if you play by those rules, you will fail. The new rules are simple:
  • Get strong and fit
  • Get a decent wardrobe
  • Create a lifestyle worth having
  • Get your finances in order
  • Go for simple, cheap dates without ever investing too much in any one woman
Obey them, and you will prosper. Ignore them, and you will suffer.

Ladies, I'm going to make this really simple for you. Feminism has won, so pay for your own s***. If you go out on an expensive dinner date, and your date expects you to pay for your half of the bill, take out your credit card and do it. Fair's fair, after all.

And don't blame us for this mess. This is what you wanted, or at least what you were told you wanted- are you happy now? No? Hey, guess what- you voted for the impossible, and now you have the disastrous possible instead. Well done!

To round this off- a Badd Popp classic:

*MEEW? The cat analogy is just too easy. I swear, it wasn't intentional.


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