Soft targets

Every time there is yet another public shooting in this country- or, well, anywhere else, for that matter- the usual suspects come crawling out of the woodwork with their outrageously outrageous OUTRAGE about how Gun Violence Is Out Of Control and therefore Something Must Be Done, which usually involves Banning ALL Guns.

(Yes, liberals do tend to think in capital letters. And yes, it's very irritating.)

This, of course, tends to ignore the fact that the locations for these shootings follow a bit of a pattern:
Anyone else seeing a pattern here?

If you were not born brain dead, did not suffer a catastrophic stroke that cut off blood flow to the left hemisphere of your brain, and/or still retain your sense of logic and pattern recognition even after years of mainstream liberal indoctrination, it should be really obvious by now.

Almost every single location for a mass shooting in recent years has been a public place where guns are not permitted to be carried in public.

Is it really that difficult to figure out why the criminally, psychotically insane would then choose to attack such areas?

Consider what happened in the case of the most recent shooting in Seattle. As the gunman stopped to reload, a courageous fellow student took the initiative and hit him in the eyes with a good dose of pepper spray. That guy unquestionably saved many lives, and should rightfully be praised for his actions.

Funny thing is that the liberals don't seem to be asking the obvious question: if a kid with a can of pepper spray could stop the shooter after he shot three people... what do you suppose a sane kid with an H&K 9mm and the ability to use it properly could have done?

Yeah. Exactly. This is precisely the kind of simple logic that escapes liberals, constantly. For whatever reason, they are unable to take the same basic facts that the rest of us can see with our own eyes and draw the same logical conclusions from them.

This is not, by the way, anything new. The Lott-Landes study was made public a good 15 years ago, and the intervening years have done nothing but prove the basic point of that study: loosening the laws in favour of concealed carry reduces the number of public mass shootings. It's a correlation that is quite obvious and simple to see, for anyone willing to see it.

Ultimately, those who would seek to take away your guns, seek also to take away your freedom to resist aggression. They aren't even taking away something as profound and important as the ability to resist government aggression- they're trying to take away your ability to defend yourself from other people. And that is precisely why they must be resisted.

That is precisely why the only appropriate response to these people is: COME AND TAKE THEM.


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