Amnesty = Lunacy

Jim Goad has an interesting article over at Taki's Magazine that dumps a tub of ice-water on the notion that this country somehow needs to grant amnesty to millions of invaders who have openly flouted your laws:
President Barack Obama—who would never lie…at least not intentionally…or at least he wouldn’t admit it…recently spoke at a Massachusetts school where he claimed that “30 to 40 percent” of the pupils are “DREAM kids,” which basically means that they are dreaming if they think they are here legally. He added that “our future rests on their success.” [Didact: Uh, hey President Jackass, have you even bothered to travel to Mexico recently? If you want that for your future, you're an even bigger numbskull than I thought.]
Is this encouraging? 
Most of the DREAMers are from Mexico, a nation of 120 million whose residents love their country so much, they keep fleeing it to live in the United States. 
Apart from a mean IQ of 87, what will these diminutive and swarthy newcomers bring to the table in terms of success? In his book Travels in Mexico and Life Among The Mexicans, Frederick Albion Ober speaks of the nation’s “inventive genius.” 
OK, then, what have Mexicans invented? 
“Toss a plate of nachos in the microwave and pop open a cerveza, America—you have seen your future.” 
We are told that the ancient Aztecs invented chocolate, chewing gum, and popcorn—well, they didn’t exactly invent popcorn, but at least they shared some with their Spanish conquerors, which shows that they are a fundamentally nice and generous people. They also allegedly invented “mandatory, universal education” and “were familiar with the wheel” but only saw fit to use it in children’s toys rather than as an aid in conveying post-pubescent Aztecs across great stretches of dry terrain. It is also common knowledge that the Aztecs were pioneers in open heart surgery. [Didact: Fun bunch, the Aztecs. So much so that they managed to beat out the Celts, a bunch of bat-s*** insane adrenaline junkies who painted themselves blue and shouted a lot and got into a lot of fights- rather like Portsmouth fans, actually- as one of the most terrifying civilisations in history.]
It is difficult to think of a more truly insane idea than the notion that tens of millions of poorly educated, often quite fat, and/or not particularly intelligent invaders, whose customs and morals are so radically different from your own, could somehow become American citizens overnight. In order to believe such nonsense, you have to ignore the evidence before your own eyes, and the evidence from thousands of years of human history, and conclude that there are indeed no real differences between people from different cultures and different races.

Such a belief system is indeed the very definition of insanity, because it seeks to scrupulously ignore any contradicting evidence and has no logical or empirical foundation whatsoever. All you have to do to make such a system fall apart is to look at the behaviour of two very different races and nationalities at a major sporting event.

There are a great many things to dislike about the idea of granting amnesty to the invaders. For instance, there is the fact that it will cement a permanent progressive/socialist political majority in this country- because Hispanics in this country tend to vote Democrat by quite large margins. (And let's face facts- the Republicans are basically Democrats in different clothes, with red ties instead of blue ones, so it's not like there's much of a choice available.)

Then there is the rather troublesome and quite inconvenient fact that Hispanics tend towards aggressive, violent, and criminal behaviour at a rate that is, in statistical terms, significantly higher than the equivalent rates for whites and Asians. These are facts that the American people, however sheeplike they may have become, do seem to understand at some level, judging by the intense hostility towards the idea of granting blanket amnesty in most polls.

The absolute worst thing about granting blanket amnesty, however, has nothing to do with any amount of facts or empirical evidence. It has to do with the meaning of citizenship. To be a citizen of a modern Western nation is to exercise a degree of sovereign power over the lives of your fellows that is historically unprecedented. If you have the power to vote in any given country, you have the power to decide that country's fate. By definition, you have a responsibility that accompanies that authority to use such power responsibly.

Of course, the reality is that most people simply are not worthy of wielding such power.

Why, then, would any sane nation seek to grant that power to anyone who has not proven, through sacrifice and the demonstrated willingness to put the interests of his country ahead of his own, that he has the ability to wield such power responsibly?

Granting that kind of power to millions of people who have done nothing whatsoever to earn it- and indeed have broken the laws of the country that grants them that power, and tend to use that power to vote for ever-greater largess to themselves at everyone else's expense- is simply insane. It would be like the Romans granting the barbarian tribes of Germania the privileges of Roman citizenship simply because the Romans were too stupid, lazy, and insipid to defend their own empire. (Oh, wait, they actually did that...)

This issue holds a certain amount of personal resonance for me. As anyone who has been reading this blog for more than 5 minutes can tell, I am not an American. I am here on a work visa. That visa expires this October. My firm is currently involved in the application process for a green card for me, but because they didn't time it very well, I will have to leave the US later this year and most likely will return back to Asia. The application process for the green card will take many months- probably years, in fact. Which means that these next three months are pretty much the last that I will spend in America, for a long time.

When I told a friend and former colleague of this, he paid me one of the highest compliments I have ever recieved: "You're more American than most Americans".

Problem is, as honoured as I am to receive such a compliment from a man for whom I have immense respect, it still doesn't make me American.

You see, there is no question that I love this country; I love what it stands for (or at least, what it stood for, once), and I hate to see it being destroyed through its own stupidity like this.

Yet, despite my love for this land and its people, I do not for one moment consider myself an American. The reasons for this are very simple. What have I done to earn the right to be called "American"? What sacrifices have I made in service of this country and its people? What have I done to prove that I am willing to put the nation's survival ahead of my own?

Answer: zip, zilch, nada, bupkes.

All of which means that, by definition, it would be the very height of lunacy to grant someone like me citizenship. And I have obeyed this country's laws, paid (quite a lot of) taxes for its out-of-control cockamamie welfare schemes, kept my head down, worked hard, and generally tried to stay out of people's way.

Why, then, would the political elite of any sane nation, never mind the most powerful nation on Earth, want to grant such privileges and rights to those who not only have done nothing to earn them, but have done the exact opposite of everything that I have done?


  1. I lived in the south-western US for a bit and the most fervent, "kill them all and bury them in the desert", "build a wall topped with machine guns" immigration types were not the whites (although they were close). They were the professional class of hispanics.

    Those were the people that went through all the bureaucratic BS that goes along with the INS to get in and they sure as hell weren't happy about people bypassing all that. As one of them said to me "The reason I left Mexico was to get away from losers like that, why are they giving them a free pass to come on up here?"

    1. Yes. That is precisely how the law-abiding types (like me) feel about it, and with good reason. We have to go through the misery of an inept and retarded system in order to gain the privilege to live here, work here, and contribute back to the country's economy. Meanwhile, these assholes can come in, break the law, sponge off the rest of us, and get paid for it.

      I am generalising, obviously, but that's the gist of it.


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