Dead But Rising

The latest album by Swedish metal-rollers VOLBEAT was released last year. Called "Outlaw Gentlemen & Shady Ladies", it was actually a notch below its outstanding predecessor, "Beyond Hell/Above Heaven", but was a very solid chunk of heavy, groove-filled rockabilly-infused metal. And having seen them live, I can say this- there are very few bands that are tighter or that put on a better live show.

The best song off their last album is called "Dead But Rising", and the story behind it is every bit as inspirational and powerful as the song itself:

If ever there was clearer evidence that there exists a higher Power that is filled with love and compassion for us, I have yet to hear it.

And if you've never heard the song that was inspired by this amazing story, here it is:

See also Michael Poulsen's tribute to his late father:


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