The carousel's toll

The Manosphere is full to bursting with literature about just how utterly messed up the Western sexual market place is by now. If you're a regular visitor, you don't need me to summarise its current status for you; if you're new, then just spend some time trawling through the RoK archives, or reading the Twitter channel @tinderfessions and you'll be caught right up.

Thing is, Western women like to pretend that there are no consequences for the carousel lifestyle that has become the norm both during and after college. This, of course, is simply not true- the consequences of this supposedly consequence-free lifestyle are in fact truly brutal. Manosphere literature is packed with information about those consequences- but in my opinion, very few of those articles demonstrate just how nasty they are.

No amount of writing can demonstrate the impact better than a few pictures of what happens to women who literally live to have sex, before and after putting on their clown-whore getups:

Some of the, uh, "actresses" in those pictures are around the age of 22-25. And that's what they look like after just a few years of, er, "acting". That is a hard-living lifestyle, and you can see now what it does to those who partake in it.

Also, note that some of them (not the ones in the pictures I picked, obviously) actually look pretty good without makeup to begin with- and the makeup, and the lifestyle, simply wrecks their natural beauty. A few more years of being penetrated by various objects, both natural and, ah, artificial, will result in them looking like drag queens before the drag.

When a man becomes a father, if he is blessed with a daughter, his entire perspective on life changes. His daughter becomes the world to him; there is no question, for instance, that my sister has our father wrapped around her little finger. (Hell, she's my kid sister; I spoil her rotten.) The one future that no father or older brother ever wants to face is the possibility that his little darling becomes a human toilet, the way these women have. There is nothing "empowering" or "satisfying" about that future. There is only emptiness and grief.

Some women, it is true, love that lifestyle. They are the exceptions that prove the rule. Looking at those pictures, and bearing in mind what young women are taught about using their sexuality to "find themselves" these days, it is difficult not to sympathise with Law Dogger's words:
I don’t have a daughter and, frankly, at least as of now hope that I never will. So I can’t say that if I reach that moment, I will be rooting for some 100+ notch count alpha to be the one that marries her… knowing his mind is filled with memories of depraved sex acts one of which consists of my little girl. But I also know that I don’t want my daughter to be in a loveless marriage leading to an eventual divorce and romps with the gardeners. 
This is a question I hope I never have to answer.
And if you are a woman- particularly if you are a young, attractive woman in a major Western metropolis these days- then take heed to this warning and understand that your most valuable assets are your looks and your femininity. Don't sacrifice those long-term benefits and gifts for short-term pleasures.


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