Good work if you can get it

Well this certainly gives a whole new meaning to jerking around at work...:
The Environmental Protection Agency has not been firing employees for watching pornography and falsifying federal documents, according to California Republican Rep. Darrell Issa. 
How much pornography would it take for an EPA employee to lose his job?[Didact: I'm guessing that unless someone actually had the dwarf-tranny-porn turned up to 11 on his computer in public view of other employees, he could get away with watching teh pr0n all day long.] Issa asked EPA officials, including the agency’s second-in-command, testifying before the House Oversight Committee. Issa chairs the committee. 
This individual spent four consecutive hours on a site called ‘sadism is beautiful,’” Issa pressed the EPA employees. [Didact: what was it I just wrote?] “You are running an organization from which no one can get fired.” [Didact: it's richly ironic to hear someone in government complaining about how no one can get fired... from the government.]
Issa was pressing EPA officials to answer his question on whether or not falsifying documents is a crime. It is a crime, but Issa wanted an answer from the panelists. The EPA officials testifying before the House Oversight Committee struggled to answer Issa’s questions about agency employees falsifying federal documents by saying they are working while they were not. 
An EPA employee has been viewing pornography while at work, and has even received performance awards for his time at the agency. [Didact: No doubt because of all of the handiwork he was doing.] The employee was even watching porn when inspector general agents visited his office. The employee had 7,000 porn files on his computer and had been watching porn for two to six hours per day since 2010. This employee still works at the EPA. 
Another EPA employee was actually selling jewelry and weight loss pills out of her office. Renee Page is the director of the the agency’s Office of Administration, but that didn’t stop her from using her from selling her own products during business hours using her government email account, according to the OIG. 
Page also hired 17 of her family members and friends as paid interns. She also paid her daughter — who also works at the EPA — from her agency’s budget account. But instead of being punished, Page received a prestigious Presidential Rank Award in 2010, for which she got $35,000 in cash. 
“There’s a title that says it’s a crime right?” Issa asked again. “People defrauded the American people, and I’m hearing from the IG that they’re still on the job.” 
Welcome to the realities of working in the land of the supposedly free. You might think that these sorts of abuses are restricted solely to the government and cannot be found or condoned in the private sector.

If you honestly believe that, I've got an extremely well-priced Hawaiian option on the Holland Tunnel that I think you'd be interested in.

Thing is, American labour laws have become so twisted and murky that an employee can sue for wrongful termination pretty much on a whim. I have witnessed, and had to deal with the effects of, employees who claimed to be "depressed" or "sick" for extended periods of time, when everyone knew damn well that these people were taking time off to interview or travel, with pay and benefits, and without cutting into their vacation time. There's not a damn thing that anyone can do about it.

The only way these idiots get fired is when a company has to lay off employees to meet financial targets- there really isn't much to argue with when you get canned because your role just isn't needed anymore. It's happened to me twice, and both times it was completely justified.

Of course, the reason this doesn't happen in government is quite simply because government has no profit targets to meet. Governments are unique among all human institutions in that they have the ability to print their own money, and thereby support themselves (almost) indefinitely. Yes, fiat money is a sham that collapses eventually, but for the sake of argument let us assume that a government can always tax or print its way out of insolvency. This is an artifice that private companies cannot, and will never, be able to use.

And the thing is, as long as these idiots are just watching porn at work and running their side businesses, I really don't have a problem with it.

Why? Simple. If some EPA busybody is too preoccupied with watching bondage porn on his government-issued PC to do his job, then the harm that he does to everyone else is (mostly) minimised.

Yes, he's wasting taxpayer money, but that's why you can and should find and use as many loopholes in the tax system as you can legally exploit. Hey, it's your money, you don't owe these bastards a damn thing.

It's when these morons at agencies like the EPA decide to take an active interest in what the rest of us doing that we really suffer. When they start issuing their rulings about how much more important the California delta smelt (it's a type of fish, seriously) is than the ability of California farmers to irrigate their fields, then we all feel the pain. But as long as some dumbass government stuffed-shirt is jerking it six hours a day, the rest of us can go about our lives.

Having said all that, can I just say- if someone says he works for the government, in light of these recent revelations, you might want to think twice about shaking the guy's hand. You don't know, and you might not WANT to know, where it's been.


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