Double bass makes everything better

If you actually bother to listen to mainstream "music", you may have heard of a song called "Wake Me Up" by a Swedish bloke named AVICII. This song should officially be quarantined by the CDC- damn thing is catchier than crabs.

Fortunately, for a metalhead like me, there are ways of forcing that awesome yet irritating melody out of your head.

Such as, say, metal-working the bejeezus out of it:

And also, can I just say: GOD BLESS SABATON.

I saw them play live a few days ago. They were AMAZING. They might be cheesier than a Swiss fondue; yet there is an infectious sense of fun about their music that just cannot be resisted. They have a ferociously devoted fanbase, they play like demons on-stage, and they write songs about heroes and battles like they were there. God love 'em, I know I sure as hell do.


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