Taking school rules a bit far

Now this is just stupid. A guy in high-school almost by definition has more balls than brains, but if you're going to get suspended for asking a girl to the prom, you might as well ask out Miss America:
If Miss America visits your high school, and if it’s springtime, and if you don’t have a date to the senior prom, you’ve got to ask her to go with you. Right? 
So what if you get suspended? 
Such was the case for Patrick Farves, a senior at Central York High School, when the reigning Miss America, Nina Davuluri, came to the York, Pa. school on Thursday to give a speech about diversity and the value of science, engineering and math. 
During the question-and-answer period that followed Davuluri’s speech, Farves asked Miss America to prom. And then he promptly got three-and-a-half days of in-school suspension as a resultreports the York Dispatch. 
Farves, 18, got the brilliant idea to ask Miss America to the prom a few days before the assembly. He told a few people about his ingenuous scheme. And those people told a few more people. And then, this being high school, the whole school including teachers and administrators knew. (It’s not clear if he submitted his question for prescreening.) 
About 10 minutes before Davuluri’s speech began, an unidentified school administrator advised Farves that asking Miss America to the prom would be “inappropriate,” explains the Dispatch.
Farves wouldn’t be browbeaten by some sorry bureaucrat, though. He apparently snuck his question in between two prescreened questions. He even presented Davuluri, 24, with a special, plastic, purple flower he had acquired in art class that morning. 
The senior’s request was met with raucous cheering from the clearly impressed students in the audience. 
Farves said he doesn’t think Davuluri said yes. At the time, his ego is placated by the fact that she didn’t say no, either. 
“I never got a direct answer,” he told the Dispatch. 
All the cheering made it hard to hear, apparently. 
Farves then asked for a selfie with Davuluri. She told him, “Maybe later.” 
The next questioner started the next question by asking: “Can I get another round of applause for my friend, Patrick.” (And the crowd again went wild.) 
It was then that humorless, joyless school officials marched Favres out of the assembly and gave him the suspension. 
Farves appeared to be much more diplomatic and philosophical about the incident than the school officials were or, frankly, could ever aspire to be. He said he can definitely understand their frustration.
This kid's got "future lady-killer" written all over him. Good for him that he had the balls (or lack of brains) to do that. Oh, and in case you're wondering what all the fuss is about, this is what the current Miss America looks like:

Not pictured: Budweiser, eagles, guns, Mustangs, the American Flag, the Constitution, etc.
Putting aside the fact that she looks like the exact opposite of what most people outside of America think an American woman looks like, and the uselessness of pageant shows in general, the only important question from a male perspective is this:


That's what I thought.

And clearly, this high-school kid thought the same. Thanks to his irrational self-confidence, I say we get the guy a gig writing for Heartiste or RoK.

As for the school administrators who put him on suspension- you guys are humourless, heartless idiots who probably weren't hugged enough as children. Reinstate him- and then by way of reward and punishment, hammer this straight into his skull:

The Giant Brass Balls medal. God Bless America!


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