Three sites that you really should check out if you've got some time to kill and want some intelligent commentary:

  • Terrence Popp's REDONKULAS: I discovered this site via a recent article over at RoK. I was laughing so hard after watching the first video that my colleagues at work were wondering WTF was wrong with me. This guy tells it like it is, but with added dark slapstick humour, crude jokes, and an extremely funny turn of phrase. Go through all of his videos, from first to last- Popp is a goldmine of great red-pill information.
  • SpeakEasy(X): This blog was started up recently by a reader who actually got in touch with me to suggest some reading. Now I want to make it very clear that he's NOT asking for props or traffic or linkage- I just happen to think he writes well and like to read his work. If you're interested in the perspective of a red-pill Christian who's been discovering these truths on his own, like me, for the last decade or so, then this is a blog you should definitely check out.
  • Kate Upton wishes she had smaller boobs: All together now, gentlemen.

The funniest comment from that third link didn't even have anything to do with Kate Upton:

This picture, however, has everything to do with Kate Upton, and why her wish is such an incredibly stupid one:

"Hey! My eyes are up here!"
"Haven't gotten to them yet."


  1. hello and thanks for the shout out terrence popp from

    1. No problem, sir, I really enjoy your work and I look forward to laughing and learning through many more of your videos to come.


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