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[This post might take its name from one of the greatest and most important death metal albums ever produced, but it has no overarching theme or specific purpose. It's just a catalog of thoughts and ideas stemming from a recent trip.]

The Healing Road

I love driving. There is something soothing and deeply comforting about the open road. Driving by yourself, with only your thoughts, the scenery, and your own favourite music to as company, is a deeply therapeutic experience. There is a quiet joy to be found as you drive in the stillness and silence of the early morning; there is beauty and peace to be found in the last brilliant clouds of twilight as dusk turns to night. If you're ever upset over something and you just need to get the hell away from it all- get in a car, pick a direction, put on your favourite music, and drive.

It is, quite simply, solitude.

The Problem with Nihilism

My sister was telling me about this play called "Caligula" that she was reading, written by Camus, one of the foremost nihilists of his time. (Camus himself strongly rejected that label, interestingly enough.) She was quite intrigued by the play because apparently it goes to great lengths to demonstrate the futility and meaninglessness of existence through a lot of clever (if highly forced) juxtapositions of various characters. Apparently the main character realises through... stuff.. that there is no meaning or higher purpose to life, and concludes that if this is the case, then any and all manner of horror and abomination is justified in order that a man might be truly free.

One of the more interesting characters in the play is a chap who attempts to distance himself from Caligula's insanity by sticking to an established moral code and a belief in the supernatural. He eventually comes to accept Caligula's point of view that human freedom should be unrestrained by moral virtue, but still cannot bring himself to partake in Caligula's depravity, and so essentially "makes up" his own moral system. The character is a very clear representation of (Judeo-Christian) religious values, and the point of his presence in the play is to show the futility of those values.

Here's the problem with the nihilist's point of view: in order to believe that nihilism works, you have to abandon any and all belief in the supernatural- particularly, the Judeo-Christian view of the supernatural, and the Christian conception of faith as God's quest for Man. In order to accept the nihilist's arguments, you have to abandon both faith and reason- because, if you use reason as your guiding star, then you will very quickly discover that the path of reason leads you straight back to God. Once you look at the enormous weight of evidence in favour of the existence of a benign and possibly even benevolent Creator, it is difficult in the extreme to argue that the nihilist's view of the world makes the least bit of sense.

Or, to put it another way, "man without mysticism is a monster"-- Whittaker Chambers.

There Are No Independent Feminists

So I was sitting in a cafe eating brunch with my sister and one of her best friends, and we were talking about a band called TYR (one of my favourite bands ever), who played a song called "Mare of My Night" at a concert that they attended. They prefaced that song by saying, "this song is dedicated to all of the crazy women in our lives who make things difficult for us every day!". Now apparently this got my sister's friend rather annoyed- being, as she is, a college-educated feminist. She flipped Heri Joensen the international symbol for peace and brotherhood and proceeded to whine for the next couple of minutes about how "demeaning" it is to women everywhere that men refer to them as crazy and refuse to acknowledge the value of women in their lives.

I didn't say anything at the time- mostly because I was busy devouring a half-pound cheeseburger- but it got me thinking: has there ever been any such thing as an independent feminist?

Answer: hell no. And there never will be. Feminism was not a philosophy started by women- it was started by men, and it is enabled by men. Without male support, it would die out very quickly. The reality of the world is that women will always be dependent upon men, no matter what. It's high time we stopped trying to re-tool society into something that women say they want- because if that happens, civilisation will immediately collapse.

The Greatest Horror of the Modern Travel Age

NEVER fly United Airlines. EVER. For ANY reason. The people who run that airline are, in all honesty, an embarrassment to the human race. These assclowns have the absolute WORST customer service, the worst on-time record, the worst fleet, and the worst reputation.

On my recent trip, the outbound flight was delayed five hours. Now I will admit, two of those hours were because one of the two runways at the airport was shut down due to construction and renovation. Three of them, however, were squarely the airline's fault. An hour-long flight turned into a nearly 6-hour ordeal. On the flight back, the plane was delayed two hours due to a mechanical problem with a door seal; then the flight was cancelled, and I had to take a roundabout route through various regional connections to get back home. Again, a one-hour short trip turned into 9 hours of misery. All of it while dealing with United's absolutely abysmal customer service.

Hey, if you don't believe me, check out this guy's list of 15 reasons not to fly United. It's as if a union suddenly woke up one morning and said, "hey, how's about we try to figure out how to run an airline today?!"

Don't waste your money on these idiots, they don't deserve it. Just pay a little bit extra and fly with Delta or American. They actually seem to have some idea what the hell they're doing.


  1. One man's 'magic' is another man's engineering. 'Supernatural' is a null word.

    Robert A. Heinlein


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