Hitting The Wall at 100mph

There was an article over at RoK a while back talking about how it is small-minded and venal to root for a beautiful but bitchy woman to get her comeuppance in the form of "hitting the wall":
In today’s world, The Wall can generally be summed up as the point in time in which a woman sees her value to the opposite sex fall drastically.  Of course, this value is primarily derived from a woman’s looks, according to point number six of the ROK community beliefs: 
6. A woman’s value is mainly determined by her fertility and beauty. A man’s value is mainly determined by his resources, intellect, and character.
Of course, the wall can also be accelerated, or slowed by offspring, habits such as diet and exercise, and overall pleasantness and femininity.  Rollo Tomasi has a great article about The Wall that goes into further detail about these factors. 
To this part of the Internet though, The Wall is a badge of pride.  When we talk about the women who reject us, string us along, and hurt us to the point where we are forced to reflect upon ourselves, there seems to be a common phrase along the following lines dropped it response: 

“Well, wait until SHE hits the wall.  She has it coming, the bitch.” 
This phrase is nothing but a bitter mask to hide behind ourselves.  A way to brace for the rejection, embarrassment, and difficulties of having beautiful women in your life, whether it be a harem or a singlelong-term relationship.  Truthfully, it’s nothing but a self-defense mechanism, or hell, a wall, to protect ourselves and our masculinity. 
Look, I get it. 
It’s hard not to think like that when your 38-year-old, increasingly saggy wife cheats on you with the mailman.  You can’t help but think that her best days are long gone, and that in her aging state she’ll never find a new man willing to put up with her shit. 
It’s hard not to think like that when the sexy party girl tells you that, “You’re just such a good friend, we could never be together”, then proceeds to take it up the ass backstage from the bass player of a shitty indie band.  You can’t help but look forward to the days that the late nights, hard drugs, and countless cocks gobbled on will catch up to her, and leave her a shell of her former self. 
I understand, because I’ve been there, done that.  I’ve bashed girls I have dated, endlessly, and cackled manically as they gained weight and lost the sexiness that drew them to me in the first place.  I have no doubt this will become even more readily apparent as I begin to reach my prime during my 30′s as a male.  However, the endless bashing and laughing accomplished nothing for me other than a short-term band-aid, in which I could feel a little better about myself. 
I realized it was nothing but a way to protect my fragile ego, because my own inner self and confidence couldn’t handle a woman treating me the way they sometimes did.  In a bitter state, such as after being screwed over by a girl, it’s easy to fill with rage and hope that you can channel that energy towards sending a woman head-on into The Wall. 
You can’t. 
That rage accomplishes nothing.
It's not just that such rage accomplishes nothing. Watching a woman hit the wall, especially when she hits it at high speed, is actually quite sad. It is not an event to be celebrated or something to look forward to. It is a net loss to the well-being of men and should be regarded as such.

I have no idea what the readership of this blog is like- I'm guessing it's mostly blokes, one or two women who Actually Get It, and a couple of outraged feminists who need something to feed their anger because they have nothing of worth in their lives. So I probably can't ask anyone who reads this what it's like to hit that wall. All I can say, based on years of observation, is that when you see a woman who was once youthful and beautiful and happy suddenly become old and haggard and depressed, you do feel sadness, because you are watching the sharp and terrible destruction of that which is good in life before your very eyes.

A feminine, youthful, beautiful, happy woman is a pleasure to be around. She brings laughter and peace and joy into a man's life. She is a source of comfort, warmth, and serenity. Such a woman is a treasure, and the longer such a treasure lasts, the more valuable it is. A woman who starts out this way by default- i.e. fit, feminine, and happy- is much more likely to stay this way for a long time. A woman who takes care of her appearance, stays in shape, eats right, exercises, keeps her hair long, and (this is important, ladies) is pleasant to be around, is going to be a wonderful companion to any man who attracts and keeps her.

Kate Beckinsale. Case closed.

A woman who is beautiful but demanding and high-maintenance, however, is likely to hit the wall much faster. And when she hits that wall, she effectively becomes invisible. At that point, her youth and beauty are gone, and she has only her personality left- and if that personality started out skewed or unpleasant, it's going to stay that way.

When placed next to a younger, happier, more vibrant woman, the contrast will be quite literally between night and day.

Consider this recent Daily Mail article about Jennifer Aniston's latest movie. I couldn't care less about the movie (or the article, for that matter)- until I saw pictures of Jennifer Aniston as she looks today.

This is what she looked like in the early 2000s, at the peak of her fame and career:

This is what she looks like 10 years later:

... Not wow.
And that is with the best possible attention paid to her hair and makeup. This is what she looks like without all that assistance:

And just to rub salt in the wound, here is a picture of one of her co-stars in whatever that new movie is:

There really isn't much more to say. Watching a woman hit the wall, especially at high speed, is really quite sad, whether she deserves it or not.

Gents- don't wish The Wall upon a woman. It is small-minded and petty. It is unnecessary- if she was a pain in the ass to begin with, the punishment of slamming into The Wall at that kind of speed is going to be in direct proportion to her unpleasantness. It is sad to watch. And most importantly, it is a waste of your time. Spend that time on more productive pursuits- such as the pursuit of younger, tighter, fresher women.

And ladies, if you're wondering why it is that men value youth and beauty so much, those pictures should show you exactly why. It is because young and beautiful women are automatically more pleasant to be around. If you want to maximise your pre-Wall shelf life, then do the exact opposite of everything you were taught to do in college.


  1. I've always been horrified when a woman hits the wall. Many of them were catastrophes - I didn't recognize them 20 years after high school.

    1. Truth. There is nothing quite so shocking as seeing a once-beautiful woman turn into a saggy, bloated, wrinkled joke. In my opinion it is not something to celebrate or take pleasure in; it is actually a bit of a loss, and a reminder to women everywhere to take care of the qualities that make them valuable.


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