Happy fool's day

You gotta love April 1st. It may be the second most contrived "holiday" on Earth- Valentine's Day takes the cake for being the most absurd and pointless- but the great thing about Fool's Day is that you have an excuse to get away with all manner of ridiculous behaviour.

My personal favourite is, and has always been, the Motley Fool's annual April Fool's gag. This year, they took aim squarely at BitCoins, with a gag that (in my opinion) fell a bit short of the mark. Still, laughs and giggles all around, good attempt, chaps.

Then there was Matt Forney's "suicide" note. Personally I found this to be a bit dark, even though I recognised it immediately for a gag. For those of you who, like me, enjoy his writing, rest assured, he's not about to off himself (unless I've seriously missed the mark and need to recalibrate my sense of humour- which is always a distinct possibility, actually). I personally don't find suicide particularly amusing, unless it's the kind of public seppuku that eviscerates perennial jackasses like Elliot Spitzer and John Edwards, but hey, whatever floats your boat.

The best gag of the day, though, had to be Google's Hasselbomb for selfies and photos. Let's face it- a good Hoff Bomb is a sign that all is well with the world.

Happy Fool's Day. I hope you enjoyed your day of trolling the unwary and mocking the stupid!


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