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The eight-page, grievance-filled email came from a group of discontented students, reports The College Fix. The same group also sent its detailed protest missive to various Dartmouth bigwigs. The message outlines the group’s demands for reparations because of an alleged atmosphere of racism and oppression at the Ivy League school in rural New England. 
The group calls itself “concerned Asian, Black, Latin@, Native, Undocumented, Queer, and Differently-Abled students.” 
Its impressively long list of demands includes (but is certainly not limited to): 
  • Enrollment quotas for black and Latino students of “at least 10 percent each”
  • An outright ban on the use of the terms “illegal aliens, illegal immigrants” and other terms the students don’t like
  • A policy against hate speech that strongly punishes offenders
  • Increased enrollment, financial aid and legal help for illegal aliens
  • Gender-neutral bathrooms in every campus building
  • Queer studies coursework in every department
  • Compulsory cultural sensitivity training for professors
  • Mandatory coursework on the theme of social justice
  • Use of the preferred gender pronouns for all students and staff
  • Conversion of all ethic studies programs into free-standing departments
  • A rule making The Dartmouth Review, the school’s conservative paper, stop using the word “Dartmouth” in its name if it ever uses the word “Indian” again
The shadowy group of insistent students said in its menacing email that the goal of its multitude of demands is to end the “institutional violence” caused by “racism, classism, sexism, heterosexism, and ableism.” 
The eight-page letter warns Dartmouth that it has until Mar. 24 (the first day of Dartmouth’s spring term) to respond with “its exact commitment” — including a monetary commitment — to each and every demand the group has made.
What a bunch of spoiled brats. More importantly, what a great insight into the way a true Leftist thinks. "To Pluto with reason, logic, and good sense- we're going to force you to see things our way, whether you like it or not!".

Knowing the way Ivy League administrators tend to think (and I have more than a passing familiarity with this), I'm betting that Dartmouth's uber-liberal, uber-inclusive, uber-tolerant ubermenschen will almost certainly cave to this laundry list of stupidity. It just doesn't matter how many times you take the Left's failed experiments and rub their faces in it, they still keep coming up with the same old silly ideas:
  • Quotas have been tried before. They have failed spectacularly at advancing the abilities and skills of the people they are nominally trying to help. It's not hard to figure out why- when you take racial groups that on average tend to score below the minimum acceptable norms for the institutions that want to bring them in, you've put them into a situation about as necessary and as comfortable as feet on a fish.
  • So people who, by definition, break the law by coming into the country without leave or approval are somehow not "illegal"? Evidently these idiots failed English 101- which is really difficult to do in college, by the way.
  • Would they perhaps prefer "Bad dog! No biscuit! Bad dog!"? Or would they call that, I dunno, "dogist"? Discrimination against dogs, much?
  • Soooo... on the one hand, you can't call them illegal. On the other hand, you want increased funding for illegals. My eyes are hurting from going crossed over the sheer absurdity of this statement.
  • I am going to fall over laughing hysterically when I see the expression on a Dartmouth girl's face after she comes out of a bathroom and sees a pre-op transexual whizzing while standing up. Tolerance and diversity are all very well until you see the results with your own eyes.
  • How exactly can you write a curriculum for "gay mathematics"??? By studying the work of Alan Turing, perhaps? Beyond that, I just can't figure it out. How about doing sums by saying, "One plus one equals perfect harmony and justice, as long as both ones are male or female"?
  • I've got your sensitivity training right here, pal.
I could go on, but to be honest there is only so much stupidity to which one can be exposed before one's brain rebels and shuts down and refuses to deal with it anymore.

The sad thing is, this isn't unique to just Dartmouth. The Ivy League schools were always bastions of liberal stupidity, but they've gotten far worse of late. (I know. I went to one. Fortunately I was there as a postgraduate, so my exposure to this sort of moon-brained idiocy was quite limited, but what little I saw still left some distasteful memories- and that was when I was far more "liberal" than I am now.) They've become more interested in being seen as "tolerant" and "diverse" than in actually, y'know, doing their damn jobs and teaching people.

Now a private institution can do whatever the hell it wants with its curriculum, but when you're requiring people to pay 50K a year for the "privilege" of sending their kids to an Ivy League school, presumably you need to offer something of value in return. All Dartmouth and its students have proven here is that they have nothing of value to offer anyone anymore.

The funny thing about r-type Leftists is that, for the most part, they are more interested in the approval of their peers than they are in doing (there are a few militant and highly violent exceptions). This is perfectly illustrated by the list of demands from Dartmouth's students. All anyone has to do is stand up and refuse to cave, and suddenly the rabbit collective will have a giant coordinated spaz attack. Most likely they will simply fall into name-calling and finger-pointing, rather than taking any real action.

As Larry Correia would put it:
CON: respond.

I would simply add the following:
CON: tough s***


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