"S*** my overprotective older brother says"

Older brother: So what's a good time for me to call tonight so we can catch up? You've been sick and all, just want to make sure you're OK.

Younger sister: Uh actually I've got a date tonight, can we talk tomorrow?

Older brother: Sure, no problem. You go do that, and I'll go clean my shotgun. Y'know, just in case.

Younger sister: (utterly exasperated) Could you please not try to scare away my boyfriends like that?!?

Older brother: *grins* It's my job, kid, get used to it.

Ladies, if you have an older brother like this (and in case anyone is wondering, this is not too far removed from several conversations I've had with my little sister in the past), then be thankful that you have a strong man in your life who stands up for you, protects you, and puts up with you. Remember to thank him, honour him, and respect him- because if you're a Modern Empowered Woman, chances are that if you can't figure out how to treat your own brother correctly, there is no way in hell you'll be able to hold onto a husband.


  1. My brother never had to give a speech. He is 6'3, the intimidation was implied. All he had to do was give a straight face stare.

    1. Ha. Fortunately I've never had to meet my sister's dates face-to-face; I suspect most of them would either be scared witless or thoroughly put off by my views. (My sister is far more liberal than I am on most subjects.)

      My view on her dates/boyfriends is very simple: as I've told her, "he breaks your heart, I break his legs". She can never quite tell whether I'm being serious. (I am.)


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