The chicken-or-egg question

Uh... it does?
As mentioned in my review of David P. Goldman's book, How Civilisations Die (and Why Islam is Dying Too), the author, better known as the online conservative columnist Spengler, peppered that same book with a series of thought-provoking epigrams that he calls "Spengler's Universal Laws" that formed the backbone of the entire book and generally provided a theme for his writing. One of those laws recently came to mind when I thought about the nature and realities of the modern sexual market place:
Spengler's Universal Law #11: At all times and in all places, the men and women of every culture deserve each other.
If you think about it, this goes a very long way toward explaining just how bad things have gotten in the West in terms of sex and marriage. It explains perfectly the current reality of the SMP. The distribution of the SMP is heavily skewed to the left, where a woman's SMV peaks young and declines dramatically over time, while a man's rises over time until about the age of 50 and then slowly declines after that. Modern women lament the endemic of feminised, sackless beta males who refuse to "man up" and marry them after they've finished riding the carousel and taken in a yard (or ten, or more) of cock; modern men lament the demise of sweet, feminine, nurturing women even as they beat off to freely available porn and lose themselves in video games while never eating right or lifting heavy stuff or doing an honest day's worth of self-improvement in their lives.

Meanwhile, at the very edge of the SMP, natural and studied alphas clean up with the horniest and most beautiful women and spend as much of their time as possible improving their bodies, their minds, and their game, while the most eligible women glom onto men who are willing to put up with their "eccentricities" in order to act as providers and protectors.

In every way, Spengler's 11th Law perfectly describes the modern nature of the SMP.

What it doesn't do is answer the broader question as to why this happened. Nor does it explain who is truly at fault- men, or women? That seems like a chicken-or-egg question if there ever was one.

In fact, there is an answer to it. For that, we need to turn to several of Spengler's other laws. Specifically, we need:
Spengler's Universal Law #7: Political models are like automobile models: you can't have them unless you can pay for them. 
Spengler's Universal Law #14: Stick around long enough, and your civilization will turn into a theme park. 
Spengler's Universal Law #15: When we worship ourselves, eventually we become the god that failed.
And perhaps most importantly, we need:
Spengler's Universal Law #20: Democracy only gives people the kind of government they deserve. 
This is perhaps most relevant in relation to concepts like universal suffrage and equal rights for all- a political model that demands a truly astronomical price, yet that price does not become apparent until years or decades later. The funny thing about equality is that when you try to make everyone equal, you inevitably end up introducing inequality whether you like it or not. You end up in a situation where once-free men and women lose faith in ancient virtues and ancient gods, and begin worshipping themselves instead. (If you don't believe me, check out what happened to Germany after Bismarck reunified it under Prussian rule and introduced a massive welfare-state bureaucracy- he did so with the specific intent of keeping the ruling Juncker class in power for as long as possible by drugging the masses with promises of endless panem et circenses.) And in fact that is exactly what happened when America (along with most of the West) abandoned strict limits on power in favour of universal democracy, and rejected masculine virtues for the softer, though transient, joys of welfare-statism.

This did not happen overnight, to be sure. It took over a century of progress and rapid economic growth for this country to get to the point where the masculine virtues that created it seemed no longer appropriate or sufficient. The God-fearing, hard-working, strictly hierarchical values of the men who built this land were tossed aside in favour of utopian values brought over from the increasingly welfare-statist European nations. The resulting erosion of liberty is coming to a head in our generation; we will probably be the last generation to have even a remote understanding of what it truly means to have freedom in any form. And today, Western civilisation is indeed little better than a cross between a theme-park and a toilet- bereft of masculinity, direction, and hope.

The question remains, though- who is at fault for this abandonment of strength and vitality?

The answer, unfortunately for us all, is hidden in plain sight. It was men who did this. The fault is ours. Feminists keep conveniently forgetting that, for all of their bluster and their bitching, they can't do a damn thing without the support and power of men. We did this to ourselves. We have no one to blame, ultimately, but ourselves.

Think about it- would the 19th Amendment have passed if it were not for Woodrow Wilson's calculated recognition that universal suffrage would add a huge voting base to the progressive cause? How many foolishly liberal laws, ranging from gun control to state-managed education to universal health care and beyond, would have passed without the full-throated backing of female voters, who always and inevitably prefer security to liberty? In a society governed by old-fashioned masculine virtues in which a man is defined first and foremost by his ability to look after his own, would it have been possible for the current SMP to evolve?

We did this to ourselves. We men did this. It is our fault. And because we screwed things up this badly, it's up to us to fix it. By any means necessary.

That doesn't mean, by the way, that we should attempt to keep the current system going. The way things are right now, the collapse- when it comes, not if- will be horrifically painful. There is no vitality to this culture anymore, no worth, nothing left to save. We could follow the example of Flavius Aetius, Last of the Romans, and hold the line against the barbaric hedonism of a matriarchal society for a few more years, until the inexorable weight of history finally destroys us.

Or, we could simply stand back and let it all collapse. And then, when the time for rebuilding comes, it will be our responsibility to come forward and do what must be done.

In practical terms, this means that men- of all ages- need to understand a few very important points:
  • Your independence- mental, physical, and monetary- is paramount. Do not sacrifice it for anything. Find sources of income that do not depend upon your job, build up your physical strength and stamina, and keep your mind as sharp as possible at all times.
  • Your health and fitness come first, above and beyond anything else in your life.
  • Do not ever put yourself in a position where a woman dictates the course of your life. Your woman is not your master and will resent it, consciously or otherwise, if you put her in that position.
  • While it is currently impossible to be free of government, it deserves nothing from you and will take everything from you if it can. Don't ever give it the opportunity.
  • Now that the government has effectively decided that it can do whatever the hell it feels like on any given day, do whatever you can to reduce its hold over you, by any means possible, while staying out of the clutches of an increasingly irrational and unjust system of "laws".
Western civilisation is dying. Whatever strength, virtue, and worth that it once had is dead and gone. The collapse, when it comes, will be terrible; but there is still hope that when it comes time to rebuild, it will once again be men who lead the way to a better tomorrow.


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