"Doing the laundry is tiring"

There are many good reasons to listen to NIGHTWISH:
Oh yeah, in case I forgot to mention- Floor Jansen (who looks pretty weird without makeup, I'll grant you that):

Not seen: the pack of Dutch fries that she's eyeing hungrily,
praying for its life
And now, there's one more reason:
Since the story went live, the Nightwish camp responded via their official website here disputing many of Olzon's claims in the Menaiset article:

"Welcome to the laundry room...

The interview of our former vocalist Anette in Me Naiset magazine is full of twisted truths and defamation. This 'one woman vs. the Neanderthals' scenario is an easy to way to take advantage of our media history.

The split with Anette wasn't because of pregnancy or illness. We discovered her personality didn't fit this work community, and was even detrimental to it.

These claims we can invalidate right away:

Claim: Moments before being fired, Anette had told Tuomas Holopainen of her pregnancy 
Truth: Anette told of her pregnancy to the whole band already a week earlier in Montreal. Everyone was congratulative, and Anette herself offered an option of hiring a replacement vocalist if she can't manage everything, which was already agreed on. Later she took back her decision, and the difficulties really started. Fear of losing money and position seemed obvious.

Claim: The boys of the band decided everything for me

Truth: Neither Tuomas nor any other of the boys of the band can singlehandedly decide where we take off to and when. There have been discussions inside the band and support of people on a personal level. Also Anette. Managers and promoters discuss about possible concerts, record releases, etc., and wishes of all the band members have been taken into account. All these details have been negotiated with Anette and her manager. We have the e-mails.

"To keep the touring life bearable, it's reasonable and right to make things comfortable on a personal level. Based on these discussions, Anette was given liberties from interviews and fan meetings. She and her family got an own tour bus and driver in both Europe and America. The expenses were paid by the organization, not Anette or her company. Others of the band didn't use similar benefits.

Claim: Other income went directly to the men

Truth: Anette and her company has been paid a fifth of everything that was done during her time and with her. We have no reason to lie, because this cake has provided enough slices for us all. The finances of the band have always been handled openly, honestly and evenhandedly. The books exist. How individual members spend their share is up to their own responsibility.

We neither want to nor intend to comment this more now.

Doing the laundry is tiring. Remember to help your ladies with that occasionally.
NIGHTWISH has a bit of a history when it comes to stroppy former vocalists. And say what you will of how over-the-top Tuomas's music is- the guy handles these issues very well. He and the band say their piece, and then they move on.

The best thing about this particular letter from the band is that the last line is a great neg. It implies that the lady in question, Annette, isn't capable of handling her end of things very well (which is true- I've seen her perform live with this band), yet is disguised as an innocuous, inoffensive reminder to men of what their "duties" ostensibly should be.

Next time your woman starts giving you grief about her version of the story regarding events X, Y, and Z, the best way to handle it is to be as cool and dispassionate as the statement above, remind her of certain facts, imply that she has no idea what the hell she's talking about, and then move on. Don't dwell over it, don't get frustrated, just get on with your life. Alpha males are defined by their achievements, not their disagreements with others.


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